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03-11-2006, 05:06 PM
All is going well at the Wilmington Show! The Forum Booth looks great...with John Morin, Adrian, and Grizz tying up some fine flies. Great flies and a great two-hander in the raffle...Inquiries from all directions about the Forum..The membership grows.

Good to see Fishawk, Fred A and the better half, as well as the Penquin and Lucy:biggrin:

03-11-2006, 05:57 PM
Dang! I missed you guys. (I was the dad with the little kid on his sholders who had an orange t-shirt that said, "My Mind is like Lightning. One flash and it's gone.")

I forgot that you are flyfishingforum.com because my web boomark says FlyTalk and I thought you were someone else. Maybe I should have worn the orange t-shirt. :hihi:

It was excited to see Lefty Kreh and his casting presentation. I've been reading Lefty's works for a long time. I was going to jump up on the casting platform when Lefty asked for volunteers. But I didn't since my son had had enough and was ready to go.

03-11-2006, 09:18 PM
Great to see everyone incluing Jeff Borkowski.... Pete and I were approached by a reporter from the Martha's Vinyard Times who took pictures of flies and the booth , with a quick interview,and hope this gives the Forum some publicity. Spoke with Lefty K,, for a half hour , in the lounge a , Tabory and Popovics about the book Joe Branham and I are working on and look forward to interviewing them.....They have already sent me their flies for the history. Fish Hawk was great as usual, and missed Pete leaving...Juro spent time instructing outside with the two hander. Thanks to Ron (Paxton) and Phil (Bonefishmon) for taking time at the booth to releive us. Capt, Ray had his own tying booth and Mike Martinek was tying up great stuff. Nice to see Bardy again and Jay Horton. Skok did his usual superb tying and Joe Cordero will help with more of Kenny Abrames stuff for the history. Always nice to see Fred A. , an"old Timer" with the forum and his wife. I had to spend time explaing to John Basser what a fly rod does... but loved his sluggo flies;) :smile: ... and special thanks to him for taking charge of the raffle and his sense of humor, Adrian and Griz tying really made the day as was Juro's Slide show and especially his putting the whole thing together...as he usually does.....Hope some of you can make it tomorrow...

03-11-2006, 10:28 PM
Spring can't be too far away with the Wilmington Show....can't wait to stop my fantasy fishing and get out and do the real thing. Stopped by the Forum booth multiple times throughtout the day......John had an unbelieveable collection of his truely original creations ......no offense to anyone else, but, in my opinion, his flies were the most realistic, three dementional, creative flies at the show!
Great to see Adrian, Juro, FishHawk and Pete....a special thanks to Juro for the at least 30 minute one on one tutoring on 2 handed casting....his rod is certainly a wonder, only wish that I was able to get more than 60% of the rod's potential out of it. I could easily see that 100ft + casts are a very real and an easy possibility with a bit of practice.....certainly a different stroke than one handers.....the upside, when mastered must be pure pleasure. Bought $10 bucks worth of raffle tickets...hopefully one day I will be able to carry the "big stick" and reach that 2nd set of waves with ease :) Thanks Juro!!!
Also got to meet Capt Ray and watch him tie a squid pattern that was only missing a touch of garlic :) Thanks Ray for the introduction to a couple of new techniques...can't wait to try them out....ingenius!!! Nice to now be able to put a face with the thread. It's a real treat to get up close and learn from the many tiers at the show! Got some tips from others for spinning dear hair.....got assistance with making crease flies. Spent most of the day saying to myself..."why didn't I think of that"??? Talented and generous tiers!!!
Lefty of course was a real treat......same message, same lines, same jokes, same abuse of male "candidates".....same enjoyment!!!! He is truely inspirational....makes it look so easy...of course I was tempted to jump him and do him serious harm when he hit the curtain while on his knees, casting with 1/2 of a stick....how does he do that!!! Fun to see and dream! He's a treat!!!
Well.....enough of shows....time to do the real thing! Thanks to all for making the day special!

03-12-2006, 08:17 AM
What a great time I had at the show. Good to see the famous Iron Man tying . Great to see Fred A., Paxton , Grizz, Lucy and Penguin and watch JBasser hustle tickets. But the hit of the day was listening to both Juro and Adrian play guitar. Our booth look like a Cambridge coffee house at open mike. :hihi:
I guess you could tell who played the guitar better as the crowd got larger when Adrian was playing.:lildevl:
Dave Skok talks were worth the price of admission. I think if the show was in early Feb. the crowds would be huge. Spring is just around the corner.
Also, good to talk to Capt. Ray. and Bob Pop.

03-12-2006, 08:19 PM
Everybody who enjoys this forum can thank Striblue, Bonefishmon, JFBasser, Adrian, grizz0707, and everyone else who gave time and effort this past weekend for our cause!

Please shake their hands and offer a gesture of appreciation next time you see them on the water!

03-12-2006, 08:44 PM
As always, great to catch up with everyone. The guitar really was a hit and we even had a couple of surprise guests stop by and give us a tune. There is a lot of talent out there in the flyfishing community.

Congratulations to Jim Whalen on winning the top prize. Jim has done a huge amount to support the forum over the years plus he bought a big bunch of tickets.

Lots of new faces stopped by and took details of the forum. We also had a few folks who spend quite a bit of time here but never post. Hopefully we'll see some those new faces as the season unfolds.

See you on the water if not before:smokin:

03-13-2006, 12:08 AM
Adrian, great to spend time with you this weekend and ...thanks for showing me that great crab pattern..... you should send it to Dick Brown .

03-13-2006, 07:00 AM
Everybody who enjoys this forum can thank Striblue, Bonefishmon, JFBasser, Adrian, grizz0707, and everyone else who gave time and effort this past weekend for our cause!

Please shake their hands and offer a gesture of appreciation next time you see them on the water!

Yes - thank you all Gentlemen - it was a great time on Sunday for sure - a very relaxed crowd and all the familiar faces.

Highlights for me included:
scoring an old Grays to fill a gap in my modest colletion - Ken Andersen had the first 8 issues - man what a find.

Seeing and talking with all the familiar faces and catching up on life events

Meeting up with new contacts and club members

Making Capt. Art's day by tossing 2 blocks of wood at him and spinning up the guys at the TFO booth.

It reminds me there aren't enough social gatherings in the off season.

Great to hear the booth did well again this year - anybody that lurks around here will immediately see the value of this community - I'm glad to be part of it :cool:

03-13-2006, 04:13 PM
Sorry I missed all you guys ,I didn't make the show,sounds like I missed a great time.Unfortunatly as I was pulling out of the driveway my brakes felt very mushy,upon inspection I discovered brake fluid all over my drivers side rear tire,turns out the wheel cylinder let go,oh well better to have it happen on my driveway than rt93.So I spent the day doing a complete brake job for both wheels.Thanks to the autozone for being open until 9 pm.

03-13-2006, 07:43 PM
We also had a few folks who spend quite a bit of time here but never post. Hopefully we'll see some those new faces as the season unfolds.

I am one of those folks, and I had the pleasure of a short chat with Adrian. He urged me to introduce myself, No better time than the present, so here I am. I have enjoyed fishing since childhood & perfer to fish with a fly rod. Being self employed I do not have the time to fish as much as I like, but I do make the best of it when I get out. Stripers ( Blues too) are my favorite. But I also enjoy trout fishing in the local streams. I live in Lake Sunapee area of New Hampshire, the coast is an hour & a half drive. I try to get over there once or twice a month when the season is going good. With a trip or two to Naraganset Bay(sp?) when the blues are in. I have been lurking around here since last summer. I enjoy the commentary and especially enjoy the civility in which folks conduct themselves. Just goes to show that flyfishers are great folks. I'll be checking in once or twice a week & hopefully will be able to contribute some meaningful content from time to time. Thanks


03-13-2006, 07:48 PM
Warren, great having you on board and welcome...hope to see you on the Cape at some point and watch the board for some of our gatherings...

03-14-2006, 05:32 PM
My impressions of the show. Like an old pair of shoes, the Fly Show fit just right. It just seemed like the right amount of people spaced evenly around the building.

I remember during the epic years you couldn't walk from vendor to vendor without getting stepped on. Try to ask a question at Tiers Row and people were three deep. Took twenty minutes to get to the front of the table to even see the fly. It was standing room only for fishing seminars too. Noisy to say the least. Yes, the old days had more electricity in the air, but one thing I need less now is stress.

Last weekend was great. Much more personal and interaction with media people were genuine. Everyone had the time to answer questions and be friendly. Nothing like the brushoff when the shows were busy. The whole affairs was just so laid back and comfortable like a "Love In." Certainly the Forum Booth was rock'in.

Jim, congratulation winning the Grand Prize. That wond will take you to the "Dark Side"

Nice to see Fishhawk, Grizz, Adrian, and Juro again. Seeing them means that fishing is around the corner. Enjoyed the educational discussions with Ron Paxton. Nice to share common problems and freely talk about them. Thanks Ron for the interest in the squid. Pete, like always you flew by the booth. A penguin never stops.

And Striblue..... nice to see ya back on the horse again talking and smiling again.
It's been awhile since you had the passion again. Hope you have a great year.

Now it's almost time to put together the 6th annual (Have to check my records) IceBreaker for the "06 season. More to come.

Thanks everyone for stopping by the booth last weekend.