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: Ian's Robotics team won the regionals

03-09-2006, 08:21 AM
My son's team- BERT- from Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, Maine beat out 50 other teams to win the BAE First Robotics regional competition at the Verizon Center in Manchester last week end. Now we are trying to raise the $22,000.00 to go to the nationals in Atlanta at the end of April. We are a bake sale and bottle drive team with no major sponsors and we managed, for the third time in ten years to win the regionals and even wone the nationals in Florida 5 years ago. We beta out the big guns with major backing from MA, NH, CT and beyond. Not bad for some hicks from the back woods of Maine.

Anyone willing to help support future engineers to get to the national competition will be greatly appreciated. I know there are a bunch of guys working for tech and engineering firms who benefit from what http://www.usfirst.org/ does for the tech sector in this country so knock on your bosses doors and see if they'll help us out. Any business that gives $300.00 or more will get their name or logo affixed to the robot during the competition and we'll see that they get a letter of thanks and a picture from the match. If you can help with anything at all contact me by PM or directly to my home email and I'll tell you how to give.

Thanks in advance.


03-09-2006, 06:28 PM
Congratulations to Ian and friends. Where can donations from us little guys be sent? Are there any boilerplate forms? I think I can get a matching contribution from my company.

03-10-2006, 06:44 AM
Congrats! My brother serves as a coach/mentor for a team from Hartford CT. Who knows, you may even have met him. He's been doing it for quite a while now and I've been to a couple of the competitions with him. They're pretty cool.

I think his team went to nationals last year or maybe it was 2 years ago.

03-10-2006, 12:53 PM
I have a paypal account but I'm not sure how to receive funds, I only know how to spend them. I know I can request funds through Paypal I just haven't ever used it. I will get thank you replies and receipts from the team and will accept any logos to affix to the sled. Snail mail would get any contributions here in plenty of time though. We leave April 26th. I should have a request letter tonight. Checks can be made to BERT/ Bonny Eagle Robotics Team and mailed to me @
Chris DeLisle
44 Heather Lane
Hollis Center
Maine, 04042

We are new to it, Ian started last year as a freshman. I will likely continue as a mentor, I'm an advisor now, and take up the PLC programming part of the projects and continue on after he graduates. It's just too much fun.

It is a radio controlled machine for picking up 7" nerf basketballs and firing them into a 30" round goal, 8' centered from the floor. The competition stradegy was released on January 7th to all the teams. We had 6 weeks to design and built it. The game was set up as a three teams against three teams round robin style elimination contest. The first 10 seconds of the match were run in autonomous mode, strictly automatic running on programmed instructions and sensor feedback with ten pre-loaded balls. It has a x/y axis camera the follows a light above the target and with the programming we loaded into the PLC's it was able to calculate and position the turret and how high to adjust the pich point to hit the target based on distance from the goal. Data is fed back to the PLCs and adjustments are made via potentiometers in several locations on the machine. In manual the driver moves over the loose balls which are lifted up the tower and dispensed into the turret- the nautilus looking assembly in the middle- which has a release to feed the balls into the firing breach. They shoot out at about 22 meters per second. Maybe these pictures will help clarify things a bit. Any way, I know I've only been a member a short time here but if anyone can or their employer can offer some assistance in getting these amazing kids to Atlanta they will be very grateful.

Fred, we use donated space from your family's plant at Eagle Industries to construct our robots. We are able to use their machining and fabrication equipment as well. They have also been very generous in assisting getting us to the shows financially. Swede gave us 2K toward the nationals the other day.




03-10-2006, 01:51 PM
Chris and Ian congrats!

Late April is primetime trout season on a number of the rivers down here. Will you guys have any down time?

03-11-2006, 07:47 AM
Probably not. I was in Atlanta a few years ago training for Xerox and fished the tailwaters of the 'hooch. Did pretty well too. I went into a fly shop in town, up off Peachtree and picked some guys brains. Don't remember the name of it but it was run by a guy from Maine.

We're going to have nearly 50 people in our entourage and we'll be most of the time in the Olympic stadium working our way up to the championship.

I would love to ge back out and fish but it won't happen this trip. Maybe we'll catch you on the Cape again though. You gonna make the spring 'clave again this year?

03-11-2006, 04:49 PM
Yep, I should be there

03-16-2006, 08:48 AM
I waited for the updates tp the sire before posting this. Thanks ahead of time for any help in getting them to Atlanta.