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03-08-2006, 04:44 PM
I am tethering at 1-2 pounds off my goal of 165 pounds since starting this effort in December. I am convinced that with a few days of consecutive exercise and reduced consumption I would be on the mark of 165, a feat I thought impossible when I started at a hair under 190 pounds.

I hope others are considering their future as retired anglers. Mainly because there will come a day when I will be deeply saddened to see friends pass on, it's as inevitable as taxes.

The first time the scale at the gym (the one that does not lie) says 165 I am done and onto weight training complemented by karate. Not sure if that will change dietary concerns at all since I am so focused now on fat burning but I have learned an awful lot about nutrition lately.

I am going to change this board to Fitness and Favorite Recipes in the hopes that I will be able to look down the pool and see all your gray wrinkly-ass faces at a ripe old age decades from now. Besides it seems we don't really get into the recipe thing anyway!

03-08-2006, 05:27 PM
In summary,

I learned that carbs (sugars and starches) are converted to fat unless burned off immediately. That ain't going to happen to a computer jockey and why I was storing the excess.

I learned that foods that are good for you start out being hard to find and stick with but eventually they become easy and the more convenient bad foods are a turn off.

I learned that south beach (if done strictly) drops pounds fast in the beginning then it gets harder to lose the rest, but the secret is to be inspired by the fast track loss and learn more about nutrition before it gets hard to lose the last few pounds so you are in sync for the home stretch.

I learned that there is no time like the present to get your health on track. Thanks to all who inspired me to start on this quest.

Losing weight creates some funny situations. The other day in airport security, Bahamas the security agent in Acklins did not believe it was me because my passport photo had a guy with a fat face on it. Well that was kinda fun (like getting carded after 40) until Dave grabbed my passport and announced "hey who brought the fat kid along?".

I soon got even, his passport picture looked like a forensic photo since he had been on an all-night drinking binge prior to the last minute "oh crap I need a passport" run to the photo booth.

The second was when they wanted belts removed for the metal detector. My jeans about fell down walking through without my belt. They were just recently too tight after Thanksgiving dinner. Doesn't take long.

03-08-2006, 05:48 PM
You have some really good, insightful things in that last post. I want to lend you a big CONGRATS!!! I too was just under that 190lb. mark and decided to do something about it. It's funny, but your words sound like mine in regards to nutrition and the such. I'm hovering around the 173lb. mark and I've been at it for about 2 months now. So, I have some things to look forward to (165lbs.).



Bob Pauli
03-08-2006, 07:00 PM
Thank you, Juro. This is an important subject.

03-08-2006, 07:49 PM
Good for you Juro - we can compare waist lines at the show:lildevl:

I'm now in year 4 of my mid-life 'course correction' (quitting smoking and hooking up with a trainer). When I started all the numbers were too high - weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart-rate etc. My body had finally decided that the previous years of abuse were enough. Forunately I caught it in time. Before anyting else I went and got a full-body scan and everything came back clear.

I'm now 25lb lighter, cholesterol is under control on a 1/2 dose of lipitor and on Monday my Doc decided I no longer needed one of my two blood pressure meds.

The best cardio discovery for me in the past 12 months has been jumping rope. A year ago one minute of jumping would red-line the heart rate monitor. I now do a boxing aerobic workout of 10x3 minute bouts two or three times a week as part of my regular training schedule.

I'm contemplating a new sport this season.

Cardio Flyfishing.

It's simple, you substitute shorts and a pair of trainers for the SUV and jog the surf-line with kit looking for breaking fish.:smokin:

03-08-2006, 09:47 PM
:chuckle: :hihi:

I have another one to add to the Cardio Olympics... tie a bunker fly to your you-know-what and wade from the tub to the southway in June!

Bluefish! RUN AWAY!

(BTW - You were one of the guys who inspired me to keep trying based on your commitment, thanks)

I'm contemplating a new sport this season.

Cardio Flyfishing.

It's simple, you substitute shorts and a pair of trainers for the SUV and jog the surf-line with kit looking for breaking fish.:smokin: