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: New engine

02-21-2006, 11:31 AM
After tons of problems with our I/O we finally got sick of it and switched to an outboard mounted on a bracket. The engine had its maiden voyage on Christmas day and has been out a few times since. We have some hours left on the break-in period but so far things are great. On the up-side 1. we have an engine we can rely upon, 2. less weight so our scups are higher, 3. a lot more room aft, 4. a swim platform to aid our scuba adventures, 5. the hole shot is increadible, 6. low speed manuverability is greatly increased, 7. high speed control is increased, 8. it will be easier for us to work on. On the down side 1. We lost speed and horses but we never had the old engine to WOT and we were uncomfortable taking it over 30 kts and we have had the new one up to 33 kts comfortably so this probably should go on the upside, 2. We predict a loss of 1mpg.

The process was really pretty easy. We removed the old engine, took up part of the sole aft, sealed the outdrive hole, added significantly to the transom, added some seriously hefty transom supports, sand and epoxy (4 coats), attached the mount, installed the new engine, test, and sea trial on Christmas day. All told it was probably less than 40 hours of work.

attached is the before and after.

02-21-2006, 11:33 AM
AWESOME! Nice conversion dude.

02-21-2006, 08:27 PM
After growing up around lots and lots of boats and seeing all the problems with I/O units, and especially how tough it is to work on them, I'll always get an outboard. One handy thing that I've had to take advantage of before is using a rope to pull start an outboard when the battery wouldn't do it. It's not easy to turn over a 200HP outboard with a rope starter, but you can do it if you're persistent! :)