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02-18-2006, 04:36 PM
Great to see everyone again at the SWE show today..Very good turnout by the Forum..good to see FredA again, Bonefishmon....Doc Dupree!, Fishhawk, Adrian, Slinger, and Sean..I also had a good chat about the flu with FlyDoc:frown: Looks like the Canal clave has a good underpinning brewing with Adrian trying to assess the finer points of the Skagit cast for the canal and Striperstripper trying to figure out the best spots and timing for the event. Tyers were tying up a storm. I bought a few bucktails,,but diverted some of my funds to Sluggos and Custom Plugs:biggrin:

02-18-2006, 06:26 PM
It was good to see the gang. The surprise of the day was to see Doc Duprey and his son. Good to get out of the house. FishHawk

02-18-2006, 11:21 PM
Great time at the show despite little sleep last night; guess the anticipation helped keep me awake! Once again able to enjoy the company of Jfbasser, Fishhawk (love hanging out with these guys...great conversations about all aspects of fishing and things in general...never get tired of chatting with the two of them), Adrian, FredA, Striperstripper, and Bonefishmon. Got to meet and chat a bit with Slinger, Smcdermott, and Doc Duprey. Awesome tying demos by Al Caolo, Steve Farrar (from, Rich Murphy, and the Cape's own Jim Ellis (loved his use of sparkle body braid on some of his patterns). A little lean on the seminars due to some apparent late cancellations (Kenny Abrames the most notable of these), but still a very informative presentation on Kayak fishing by Joel Swan- really opened up my eyes to some exciting possibilities. Picked up some tying materials, then took an unplanned (but serendipitous) wrong turn on the way home that landed me at the Bear's Den for some much-needed hackles. Heading to Florida for a week in March, then on to the Spring Clave in May (got the long weekend blocked off on my schedule). Looking forward to the season, and hooking up with all of you again on the water and afterwards (Fishhawk to introduce me to the Squire's famous clam chowder, unless I make my way over there sooner). Will try to get over to the light tomorrow afternoon to take some more pics;)

02-19-2006, 08:33 AM
It was great to get to this event once again and meet up with the gang although I didn't get there until lunchtime. :roll:

I finally got to meet Mrs. Doc Duprey who is a very talented artist and had donated some of her handcrafted jewelry to the conservation raffle.

Shot the breeze with Joe Cordiero and Alan Caolo as well as picking up some of the finer points on rigging sluggos by JFBasser. That's the great thing about this event. It's so small that everyone gets chance to mingle without all of the razamataz that goes with the bigger shows.

02-19-2006, 10:03 AM
Regret missing the show! That's the first real show where I 'feel' spring in the bones although perhaps not this year. Or last year. Or...

Well anyway, I love Peter Jenkin's thinking and creativity with this show and his staff is exceptional in all aspects of Saltwater angling. I envy you guys who live close by.

Steveo - I will contact them directly for those bucktails, I heard that the primo tails were sold out quickly at the show so maybe there is a reserve stash "out back".

02-19-2006, 02:47 PM
Stevo - I will contact them directly for those bucktails, I heard that the primo tails were sold out quickly at the show so maybe there is a reserve stash "out back".

No worries Juro. I would really like to get a few more of their premium tails... The ones I bought last year have been used up.