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: Thomas and Thomas H2 7wt 4pc travel rod

02-17-2006, 10:13 PM
Part I - Searching for the ultimate bonefish rod

I first cast this rod during the winter flyfishing shows among dozens of others and frankly was blown away by it's commanding taper, stylish good looks and practical design.

I was looking for a bonefish rod to accompany me to Acklins this winter since I have only one travel rod (5 pc 8wt). The rest are 3-pc or bigger and I wanted to go leaner and meaner.

I have to say that so many rods are outstanding nowadays and the pricepoints are much lower than they used to be. I own a lot more rods nowadays because of that fact :)

However this time around I was looking for that special 7wt saltwater bonefish rod that is "the one" and I believe I've found it.

First of all the rod felt a little 'tighter' (I wouldn't say stiff) than any 7wt I had owned, but then again I am looking for a saltwater rod so this is parr for the course. As the line came off the reel and started to apply some load my impression completely changed, there is something special in the flex profile of this rod that makes it hold a long aerialized line very stable while false casting and still have the pop to drive a tight loop into the backing. WHOA I thought... that was ten feet into the backing and without even breathing hard. No buckling feeling, no stiffness just a connection to power off the arm and wrist.

I looked back at Trevor who was enjoying a moment when he wasn't mobbed by people and he smirked... he knew I was hooked.

Before putting it back I tried it backhanded and drove a tight little loop through the hula hoop without even doing so much as thinking it through the hole. OK that's a good time to reel up, end it on a good note.

I went back several times before the show was over and it felt just as good every time, no better. That was it, I had to have it. This was 'the one'.

A singlehanded SW rod to me is primarily a sight fishing tool whether on Monomoy or the Bahamian Archipelago. I primarily fish a 9wt for striper, and prefer an authoritative 7wt for most bonefishing situations but have been using an 8wt with the striper rod for a backup. Now I have the much preferred 7wt travel rod with the 8wt backup and the striper rod will rest until May.

In the Bahamas the visibility usually permits longer casts to sighted fish on average than here in the northeast due to cloud cover. Therefore I believe a gutsy 7wt with long range and enough balls to handle a double digit fish is going to take my starting spot on trips.

My bonefish reels are both Danielssons, the evotech LW 6-nine (7wt) and HD 7-ten (8wt). Awesome performance, reliability and an investment I made having vowed to never lose a lifetime bone again due to my compromise in reels which I have done more than once prior to getting the reels I wanted.

To me a big part of the excitement is the gear and the more excellent is it the more exciting that aspect is. So rather than a rod to fill a niche (like baby bluefin) or a beater rod to leave in the trunk, this is the instrument with which I plan to celebrate an annual pilgrimage to the bonefish hinterlands. To me it's fitting that this rod is a premium brand.

Part II - will be posted after returning from bonefish mecca, with photos to boot.

02-18-2006, 05:33 AM
very apt description of the action of these rods, i couldn't agree more. i am searching for the same rod/fishing buddy as you describe but in a 5 wt for trips out west and to the big "D" and i too believe i have found the rod to start a long relationship with. working in a shop you get a chance to cast a lot of rods and i believe there is something special about the feel of these HII's. i can just see that rainbow head sucking down that spent hendrickson now...can't wait.