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: Two-handed salmon rods

02-07-2006, 09:25 PM
Hi there,

I have been thinking about purchasing a two handed salmon rod (spey rod) for Atlantic Salmon fishing. I did some searches on the internet, and all the major brand names have nice expensive rods in that 13' - 14' size. There are other rods out there with names of Bloke, Kinetic and Excalibur from England that are much cheaper but I have not been able to find out much information about them.

Has anyone heard of these, who makes them, they seem to be popular, what is the warranty like, has anyone else used them, etc.??? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Dwight

02-08-2006, 07:07 AM
Dwight -

Sorry I have not cast these specific brands firsthand but still can offer some advice.

First and foremost I think you will love the journey into two-handed fly rods applied to salmon fishing, the venue from which it originated and it's most perfect fit. If your buying criteria is price above other factors then there are many domestic brands (foreign manufacture) as well as foreign brands to choose from. It's not likely you will find domestic manufacture in these price ranges but the quality can improve tremendously at the higher domestic (or foreign) price levels depending on brand and model.

It's common to buy something easy on the wallet to get started, then upgrade if you like Spey casting and these days it's easy to recoup some of it on eBay or pass it on to a friend who wants to get started.

If warranty is another concern, you would of course be better of dealing with a domestic brand (regardless of manufacture).

Personally I put performance first, which is not an easy decision to make. You really have to try a rod to know if it's a good Spey casting tool or not, or at least have someone you trust understands your casting try it and confide in you. If you can attend a conclave or take a class it will give you an opportunity to try a few rods. We hold a few in the east and several flyshops out west hold huge conclaves. Keep an eye open for Spey gatherings here in the east.

We do have a strong membership from the UK in our ranks so I expect you will get some direct responses on those brands.