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: Fly sale

08-21-2001, 05:28 PM
Hey... I was on here once selling wooly buggers(lost my old password) ........ I got out of tying while working this summer, but now amd back in school and doing odd jobs again for dough,,, how much fun... I am still tying woolybuggers (pics are posted in a earlier post here) and woiuld love to sell some... email me and tell me what they would be worth..... I also got some bass bugs for sale:

6-- #2 (got a few #6 also) deerhair frog patterns (olive top with chart., yellow and black stripes, white or yellow bellys, ruber legs, doll eyes, hackle tails) 3$ each

3 BIG wooly bugger for bass or whatnot, size 1 (purple, brown, and black) .75$ each

1 1/0 black pike/bass streamer (black deerhair head with doll eyes, 8 inches of black hair and flashabou in tail) its a big fly... 3$

1 rabbit strip olive lizard, lead eyes painted with eyes then clearcoated heavily for a 3D look, zonker tail and rubber legs
2$ (4inches)

1 black worm. same style as lizard but no legs and 6 inches log with black flash as well 1.5$

6 poppers, cork bodies..... colors are like white or yellow with rubbe legs and hacke tails size 8 i think 1$ each (lots of work in these)

I may pay shipping if you buy a few flys..... shipping isnt alot...... just get with me

I can custom tye bass deerhair flys too.. tell me what you like.