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: playing with beads

02-07-2006, 01:42 PM
here are some of my new beaded flies

the pictures i made dont show the pearly translucency as good as IRL, you have to see these to believe it

hooks left to right:
partridge #14 klinkhamer
tiemco 2312#14
tiemco 2487#12 & #14

head:goldhead, white pearle bead as head
underbody: tyingthread in diff colors, tinsel optional too i used some geen/pearle on some, silver on others
overbody: clear/cleargreen pearle beads
clear varnish, i pinched "lancome" clear nailvarnish from girlfriend, i hope she dont read this

the beads can be obtained in the cheap jewelery shops or diy shops

slip on beadhead
tie on red tying thread8/0
cover hookshank and cut off
slip on beads
attach red thread at back and secure beads (optional, gives a nice butt)
then coat with 2 to 4 layers of varnish
optional: when dry take pliers and crush top (1 or 2) of beads and tie and wrap peacock herls

heres one more

there you go, fool a trout and be sure to show some pics here

happy tying,

03-13-2006, 06:54 PM
great idea, do you have any more pics of variations in colour or style while working with beads that you could post?

02-25-2007, 08:34 AM
Hi guys,
Here's a very good fish killer from the U.K. it's based on an original from Nigel at Lakeland Flytying which I modified to suit local waters.
Size 10 shrimp hook i.e. Kamasan B110. yellow 6/0 or 8/0 thread is wound down to bend and then tie in a clump of fibres from the end of a yellow marabou blood plume about the same length as body, lash these down along shank and finish thread at tail end. Tie in 3 yellow ostrich herls and a 20" appprox length of 7lbs nylon with an overhand knot on the shank . Cover with thread so that this is running along shank and both ends finish at tail position. Trim away short end of nylon and Superglue this area and leave to dry.
Thread 5/6 yellow glass beads onto a soft brass embroidery pin so that they fall to the headed end of pin. Put a slight curve on the pin to match hook shape. Use sharp sidecutting pliers to cut away excess of pin about 4mm fo last bead. Next use artery forceps to bend this excess of pin back double on itself to prevent beads slipping off. This "end" is then slightly kinked and tied in at tail so that it stands up above body.
Return thread to head, wind ostrich up and tie off and trim. Bend beaded pin back down onto ostrich and then rib with nylon tightly between each of the beads. Tie off securly at head. Form a neat head and whip finish and Superglue the head.
Fish as a single fly on a floating line with a point of at least 8lbs copolymer/flourocarbon and look out as they can hit this one very hard indeed on ocassion!