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: Just back from Cuba...

02-04-2006, 02:21 PM
Hey gang,

Just letting folks know I'm back from Cuba and am I ever glad!.

First off, this was our first trip to Cuba (being Canadain, we're allowed by our government). This trip was strictly a mid-winter get-away with my wonderful wife and two sons 15 & 17...my 20yr old daughter didn't want to go because she would miss out on a few University exams...no prob!!!.

I hmmm'd and haaah'd whether I should bring some equipment down or not for weeks on end. Ultimately, I left the gear at home. Good thing, subsistence fishing in the area of the north coast of Holguin Cuba where I stayed, has taken a terrible toll on the local fishery. Much like I've heard about areas in the Dominican, Hati, and a few other spots. During our flight down though, I did see vast areas of the north coast of Cuba that looked absolutely awesome.

A good time was had by all and far too many Cuba Libres were consumed. Cuban table-fare leaves alot to be desired for though. If it were'nt for french fries and personal pizza's cooked at the 24hr snack bar, I'd have starved.

When the Cuban frontier is finally opened up to "all" the citizens of the world, I expect that fishing and netting regulations will cause a major rebound in the fisheries much like in the Mexican Yucatan. I spoke with a local fishing guide/ok...guide wannabe!...The first words out of his mouth when I mentioned Macabi were..."they taste great and I know exactly how to fillet them to avoid all the bones"...nuff said!!!

Cuba is a beautiful place...the scenery fantastic and the people extremely giving and polite. We should all look forward to someday setting foot on that huge island and enjoying what Hemmingway so fondly wrote about.

Best regards,