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: DS2?

01-25-2006, 04:38 PM
I am thinking of buying a 4 pc. 9', 4 wt. And the rod that I am leaning towards right now is the Sage DS2. Has anyone fished with this rod? How did you like it or what have you heard about it? What other rods would you suggest I look at?

01-25-2006, 04:48 PM
DS2 is a very nice casting rod; it is a version of the old Discovery Sage with the finish polished which gives it a nicer look and lighter weight not to mention a little more finesse. The hardware is not the best money can buy but there is no plastic or crappy guides on it either.

The action is smoothly progressive with a surprising kick, not for those with fast-twitch muscles but great for those who like to enjoy effortless loading and unloading of a rod; rhythm casters like me. It will cast for distance but not with brute force, instead by transferring the energy in the flexed rod into the loop form in the line - the way it's supposed to be done IMHO.

I am not directly familiar with the 4pc 4wt but I have owned them in larger weights and feel they are a great option for a value purchase in a premium brand. In larger sizes I would say a 10wt would be more suitable for the fishing and fish that you would normally tackle on a 9wt.

Best thing to do is try it before you buy it - that's why we love our local flyshops.