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: Help With new rods and techniques

01-24-2006, 07:42 PM

I am fairly new to fly fishing. My friends and I usually fish for big bluegills and redears in farm ponds and often fish for trout in Missouri's spring parks and rivers.

I have a 5 wt., 7' 9" orvis clearwater rod loaded with 4 wt wulff tt. It is great for small flies like griffith's gnats for trout and black ants for the redears.

I recently purchased a redington 5 wt. , 9 ft. on clearance. I am interested in learning new techniques and would like advice from several people regarding a possible use for this rod, especially line types.

I recieved a Gander Mountain 6wt. , 9 footer as a wedding gift and would like similar suggestions.(guide series rod)

The spring waters in Missouri aren't real deep, and casts don't have to be real far. I would like to be able to fish nymphs or scuds effeciently. I also like to fish wooly buggers occasionally. Fishing with indicators seems to work well for some people.

I would like anyone with experience to give me some suggestions for developing techniques based on the use of these 2 new rods. Suggestions for line types, leaders, flies, etc.

what would you do?

Thanks, Eric.

01-25-2006, 07:47 AM
To me there isn't a lot of difference between the 5 and 6 wt. If you can, I'd return the Reddington, (it's harder to return wedding gifts), and load the Gander Mtn up with a Bass taper fly line, (a Rio Clouser?), and hunt some BIG bass in those farm ponds.

If you can't return the Reddington use it as a nymph rod for trout. The extra length will give you more line control and the 5 wt will help throw weighted nymphs, split shot and an indicator. (The 6w will make a decent nymph rod too.)

01-25-2006, 08:29 AM
that sounds about right.
As one who has always bought gear with the hope of figuring out what to do with it when I get it, I would have to say that finding a problem and then working towards a solution is usually the best way to go.
You might find that the 5wt redington is the most versitile rod in your quiver. The six will cast the heavier flys and nymph rigs easier.