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01-03-2006, 10:30 AM
Are Pate reels being phased out in favor of Tibors? That's the sense I get from recent catalogs, but it could be just market-speak.
I'm dreaming about a top-end bonefishing reel, so it would be helpful to know whether pates are on their way out. How does a say, Tibor Everglade comare to a Pate bonefish?

01-03-2006, 10:48 AM
I was looking at those models too for a bonefish reel but then went with the Danielsson LW 6nine and have to say I made the best choice. Great looking, bullet-proof, low maintenance and silk smooth drag. I love it

And half the price!

01-03-2006, 01:51 PM
A: I love my Danielson reels. Especially because ther now HALF THE PRICE!!!!! :wink:
I know that they are terrific reels at an awsome price. Why are they better for bone fishing than the ones made by Ted Jurasek?

Josko, I doubt that the Pates are being fazed out, but the sales have got to be miniscule compared to the Tibors so most retailers (and especially catalogs) are not going to carry them. Everyone is tryng to reduce the # of items that they have to stock. I'll ask a friend that would know.

The Pates and Tibors are very similar in many ways (if you've opened both up you can see). The Tibor really is an improvement in every aspect but one (maybe two). They are lighter, have a better retrieve, have a few neat features like extra pawl springs hidden in the reel foot, a hook keeper (why two?), drag adjust opposite of the handle, open cage and maybe some other stuff that I'm not remembering.
The Pate is as tough as a hammer. Hard to improve on that. I am also not convinced that bearings are an improvement over a bushing. Bushings are smooth enough and bomb proof. Bearings are sexy, so I'll call that a wash.

The Everglades is an odd reel because it came out befor American designers/marketers really had a handle on what really constitutes a "large arbor" reel. So it is a little heavy, and a little small for a seven/eight weight. That is why I prefer the Abel Super 8 (I own both). It is lighter and bigger, and a little extra retrieve is not a bad thing. The Everglades is perhaps better looking but the Abel has a nicer finish. Maybe the Everglades is touger, but not enough to make a difference.

I really like the Sage 5000 series reels, but the drag is not as smooth (maybe smooth enough) and the reel not as tough. The Danielsons seem to be of a similar build. Maybe tough enough, but not "ultimate". Neither the Tibor nor the Abel have an excellent L/A shape or "retrieve to weight ratio"...(I just made that term up :o ), but they are the two best bone fishing reels. In My Humble Opinion.

01-03-2006, 03:36 PM
I know that they are terrific reels at an awsome price. Why are they better for bone fishing than the ones made by Ted Jurasek?

Because is has the best drag system on the market .All Danielsson reels ( previously re-sold by Loop) have the most elegant, durable ( graphite composite) and secure drag ( fully sealed drag).Actually it is similar material used on race cars, extremely durable!

Other reels , if not frequently maintain, will quickly experience hydroplaning effect due to interaction of water with drag plates. Cork disk has to be lproperly ubricated with oil or grease to prevent water
absorption. If cork contains to much lubricant, the drag will experience hydroplaning affect anyway.
Not pleasant prospect when fighting fast running fish..............

01-03-2006, 04:22 PM
I was with Eddie when I lost a lifetime bone on Exuma (at least 12 pounds of holysh*t lightning) because I did not have the best drag I could have had on the rod. That fish was a bit too much for anything but the very best. Eddie had a Tibor, he should have hooked that fish instead so I could have shown you a pic.

I agree there is something special about the reels born from the Keys but when I compared design, workmanship and yes - the price I replaced all of my saltwater reels with Danielssons last year and could not be more pleased. Not a chance of having another mishap with these reels, they rock.

For bones I like left-hand retrieve with a slient retrieve and drag sound. Care-free maintenance was also a deciding factor. I think most of this is personal preference and the sense of aesthetics that appeals to each individual. The design of the Swedish reels really appeals to me.

Glad there are so many good reels out there to choose from.

01-03-2006, 04:33 PM
Elegance is in the eye of the beholder. The Loop (curently marketed as Danielson) it struck me as fussy. Never fished with one but I have had to open them up, so my experience is limited.
I am less and less enamored by "space age technology" (or automotive technology as the case may be) when fishing for little fish. They're just bonefish. That would be the biggest plus for the Pate. It is a classic. As an interesting asside, on the mountain stages of the Tour de France, the cyclists switch from rubber to cork break pads. A surprise that they (Shimano?) would opt for such a low tech material. I'm sure they've tried "carbon". But who cares what materials are used in F1, road bikes, or polaris submarines for that matter.
I have never spoken to ANYONE that has had trouble with Abels or Tibors "hydroplaning" while bone fishing. Maybe this has happened to someone salmon fishing in arctic conditions. That's what Danielsons were designed for.
I have never had to lube my Tibors and I lube my Abels some times once a year (they have a lighter oil than the Tibor). If that counts as "frequent", I am impressed. You are lazier than me :hihi:
I have always wanted a Loop. I especially admire the traditional series. Now they are eleligant. When I get a Danielson evotech, maybe I will take it on a bonefishing trip. I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised.

01-03-2006, 04:49 PM
The answer is simple... buy one of each! :)

BTW - the Danielsson family had designed and manufactured reels for LOOP for years until recent changes in their business relationship caused them to be offered directly from Danielsson.

They are modern artisans who like Ted Jurascik produce a great reel. I will eventually own the Pate Bonefish, LH satin gold. Some 'lazy' guy got me hooked on it by showing me his in action down on some nameless flat on a big island in the Bahamas.

01-04-2006, 05:21 AM
Why can't I find anybody (store or catalog) that carries Danielsson reels? Do you really have to order them from Sweden?

01-04-2006, 05:54 AM
Danielsson has contacted us about becoming a sponsor and we are currently working on the banner / arrangements. So this time the link rule works in favor! ;)

They are shipped to you from Oregon where the service center is also located. They have been servicing these models for years in the US.

01-10-2006, 01:17 PM
From their website, it seems there are now only 4 sizes of Pate reels, and they are all anti-reverse. Is the mighty Pate Bluefin really gone?

01-11-2006, 09:05 AM
I'll bet you can find one for a good price :)