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: ABU AMBASSADEUR 7000LD for sale

01-01-2006, 01:58 PM
Hi guys,
I am trying to buy an old Hardy Perfect reel and I have to get rid of some tackle....
Here it goes:

ABU AMBASSADEUR 7000LD(lever drag) as new, in box.
the only thing missing is the stickers.

DAIWA EMBLEM spinning reel.
Largest size, holds m0re than 300 yards of #50 PowerPro or #20 mono.
As new in box.

BREAKAWAY "Long Distance" Surf rod, mod LDFS 119-2 XH
11'9", 2 pcs
Casts 3 to 6 oz. rated for #25-60 line.
Perrrrrrfekt conditions, very well cared for.
$ 175.00 Retails for 200US

STAR RODS "NICKELITE" Surf Casting rod, mod N1530C100
10', 2 pcs.
Casts 4to 8 oz. rated for #15-30 line
Minor scratches on handle, otherwise perfect.
$ 175.00 This one retails for 200 US as well.

I can give you a 15% break if you'll get any matched pairs , ie Brakaway and Daiwa reel or Star and Ambassadeur reel.
Feel free to PM or Email me at emiliofracchia@yahoo.com.
Thank you,