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: Hello & a question

12-30-2005, 11:47 PM
Hey yall, new here, but I've been ff for 20 yrs. Here's the ?; A very old friend of mine gave me a card of flies from a past business he owned; Clarke's Flies, 1 doz, black spider, individually wrapped on the original sales card. VERY sexy chick in the upper left hand corner. Does this sound familar to anybody? They look like they would drive a fish crazy and I've had to stop myself several times from breaking the seal on it. Any thoughts? I live 5 miles from Tims Ford Dam, Winchester, Tenn. got a 169 Old Town, if you looking for some good browns the Elk's got them. I cast to one for about 8 hrs total, 10 " water, dorsal fin above surface, as long as my arm.
Thanks, Mike