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: Charleston, SC 12/29

12-30-2005, 08:27 AM
Got some nice pictures to share from a Charleston run...(got a new digital cam for Christmas)
Nice little heron hiding in the grass
This old building is right on the Cooper River just upstream from
downtown Charleston
Got these little guys doing their thing
Got this speckled beauty on a Kwan with a Chart/Orange tail while blind casting along a shell bank
The wind really kicked up and made flyfishing unpleasant so switched over to the spinning rod. *Got this guy about a minute later. *We saw so many fish and missed so many shots at them due to wind...oh well that's what we went down there for. *If I had caught this fish on a fly I would have jumped out of the boat. *I actually had one come right to my fly before the wind started whipping. *Tipped down on it and I was sure he had it but alas it was not to be. *We spooked a ton of them. *I am sure that we saw over a 1000 reds in the day and a half we were actually on the water (the wind pushed us all over them)... and that is with barely a cursory kowledge of where to look for them. *Pretty impressive fishery down there. *
Really cool place. *We stayed in Mt Pleasant. *There is a boat ramp at a
place called Remley's Pt (sic) and motels, restaurants and even a
Starbuck's all within a mile or so of the ramp. *Very convenient to
downtown Charleston so the non-fishing member of your party can go
hang out down there while you are out fishing.