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12-24-2005, 12:01 AM
Today I hiked in to a spot I like better than most. I have to cross a small (30' wide) channel that braids around a small island amidstream. The bucket is on the other side of the island in the main channel. I've waded this braid hundreds of times going to or from that little island and know it well.

Today, as I began to step into that channel, I was alerted to the presence of a couple of fish by the wakes they left on the channel's smooth surface. Hmmm, thinks me for a moment or two, I've never seen that before. A nice thing to see and perhaps a good omen I think, but I soon forget about it as I get out and onto the head of the island where I will start my fishing. After all, I've crossed that braid hundreds of times and only seen fish there once.

After fishing through the short run I start to walk back. I enter the braid from the island and what do I see? A fish! (Likely one of the same two I reckon.) It darts away from the same spot as where the two wakes first appeared earlier.

I think I'll be paying more attention to this particular spot in the future.