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: Nautilus CCF reels

12-13-2005, 10:52 PM
Anyone have any user reviews on the new line of CCF reels by Old Florida? Thanks in advance.

12-16-2005, 04:35 PM
Nautilus are very well made reels and would be my No2 or No.3 choice.
The No1 is unquestionable Danielsson ( who designed and made reels for Loop for 20 years).
After split last year you can buythe same reels for over $ 100 less ( used to be $ 600-700 ) then Nautilus directly from the factory. All Danielsson made in Sweden and have super smooth and sealed drag system and they look really great. HD 9-13 and 11-14 are perfect for Tarpon and Spey Rods. LW 6-9 is great for Bonefish and wt. 7-9 single-hand rods. LW 8-12 is perfect for most light to medium strength spey rods and FW-2-6 or LW 2-5 are beautiful trout reels.
Here is link to Danielsson US:

All Danielsson reels have pasted the rigorous test in tough Scandinavian conditions when fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Sea-Run Brown Trout or on Florida Key battling Tarpons.

12-29-2005, 06:38 PM
i know of one "old"style nautilus, it took a beating on cuba, catching bones barras and the other fish to complete the grandslam, dont know its name right now freshwaterflyfisherman that i am. the reel did it all
ive seen both danielsson and nautilus, and id buy a nautilus if i ever needed a tough drag on a smooth reel, id even buy the new nautilus unseen, cant imagine that there can be anything wrong with it

good luck

12-30-2005, 12:29 PM
Danielsson reels are better then Nautilus. The drag design in Danielsson is the best in the industry. In Nautilus the space between spool and back of the frame has quite a lot of grease, which if mixed some sand can be quite dangerous. Also for some reason, the inside of the spool has grease ( can be seen after the spool has been removed), very dangerous!!!.
You can't open Nautilus drag. In the Danielsson reel it takes 5 minutes to disassemble the drag system. Try to do it and see how well designed are Danielsson reels.
If someone needs lots of stopping power it would be hard to beat HD 9-13 or 11-14.
Danielsson drag knob moves much smoother the Nautilus !!.
When HD drag is setup at Max. level, you can easily break 40 lb tippet. Does anyone need more powerful drag?

And finally Danielssons cost 50% of what Loop was selling them two years ago, what means you pay 100-200 $ less then for Nautilus.