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Greg Pavlov
12-09-2005, 10:20 PM
I haven't been able to get on the CND website for a while now. Has
anyone else tried ?

12-09-2005, 10:33 PM
Hi Greg -

Hope you are well.

They are rebuilding it. Try snake river outfitters.

12-10-2005, 01:01 PM
Got to love bable fish:

New Solstice ()
Rather than saying, that it fishes number coercively, it is the rod where "it applied" one valuable fish and thoroughly aimed toward the fishing which enjoys fighting spirit and was made!

Solstice 13 ' 4 "# 6/7/8
R corporation WC6 7 8 and MS # 6 7 is used, it is the softness and the rod which is optimum in order utilizes sharp action and the middle class limits of water shortage feeling and, a little in the river of the small awakening large-sized to aim with and the undersized streamer.
Because it is developed in the object, the unexpected large size of 60 over coming, the rod bends from grip and withstands.

Solstice 14 ' 3 "# 7/8/9
R corporation from the short circuit mid- very line which represents WC7 8 9 and MS # 7 8 etc. 3M corporation XLT # long of 6.7 lines and the like the rod where the inner part which it can correspond very to the line is deep. When of fishing the country is thought, when sink you want all round the fly a little with the rod, type it can correspond to also 3 - 6 sufficiently. The rod which you recommend when with rod 1 we would like to use to all round.

Solstice 15 ' 2 "# 7/8/9
# 7 8th line in order that 15 where the thin tippet can be handled ' it exceeds and the long rod, with answers the demand from in the world the rod which was developed. It was finished in the rod whose bosom is deep truly as the result, the range of the line which can be used regardless of line very long and short and the dispersion of the count is wide, R corporation 3M corporation XLT # up to 8 9 can handle from WC6 7 8. The pleasant rod where the fishing whose width is wide truly with the line selection which is adjusted to field and circumstance becomes possible. # Using the small hook of 12 with the clear kind of water which exceeds transparency 3m, it applies the large size, the rod for such fishing.

Solstice 16 ' 1 "# 8/9/10
15 ' 2 "the model which going around it ranked raised Solstice. A little the fly one count of large texture throwing it does on the heavy line and would like to attack the large-sized rivers distantly, but unless the fly of the small awakening it is the thin tippet, the rod in order it goes round to the fish and cannot meet, to overcome such a circumstance.
When of the Spey Rod line-up of CND was thought, you can call the rod which presently balance of the casting efficiency and actual efficiency is taken.

*: Mind Summer Solstice = summer solstice of Solstice solstice apex

12-10-2005, 03:01 PM
I think that was written by...John Morin ?! :hihi:

12-10-2005, 09:46 PM
There was a time when I'd have been intoxicated (with something or other) enough for that to make perfect sense. In fact, if memory serves, weren't those the liner notes on a Frank Zappa album in the mid 70's?

12-11-2005, 07:48 AM
Looks like something Yoda would say :chuckle:

12-11-2005, 08:40 AM
Hmmm...... some work needed still in the universal translater there is I'm thinking .... :hihi:

12-11-2005, 09:17 AM
Computers! They will never understand the essence of human existence. Probably a good thing too!

Here's some copy I wrote for the product line back in the day...

CND Specialist Spey Series

The Skagit and Sauk Rivers of Washington's North Cascade Range boasts some of the most sought after native steelhead in the world. The region also boasts some of the most notable anglers, who developed an ultra-efficient casting technique to work their deadly flies in the pristine currents of the region. The Skagit Specialist is designed and built with these fish and their anglers in mind, but it's equally at home throwing a mid-length line for distance. The high-tech IM8 graphite is feather light especially in this length, yet the meticulously designed taper puts muscle where it needs to be.

Steelhead are more than just a gamefish... they are an obsession to those who pursue them on a fly. It's been known for decades in steelhead country that a 14-ish 9-or-so weight spey rod is among the most useful configurations for all-purpose spey fishing 3 seasons per year, 4 in larger rivers with bigger summer fish. The Steelhead Specialist is the refinement of this time-tested design, and handles everything from the short Euro spey heads popular in underhand casting all the way to extended belly lines (Grandspey/XLT). In the minds of a growing number of hardcore anglers this rod is "the one".

The leaper has brought men to the river since the start of spey fishing across the sea. From Scotland throughout the British Isles, in Norway and Iceland and on to Sweden and the Russian wild, atlantic salmon has held it's place as the king of fish for centuries of angling history. The Canadian Maritime Provinces are ripe for exploration with spey rods and popularity is growing rapidly. The Salmo Salar Specialist was inspired by the great salmon rivers of the world, but it's among the most popular Specialists for serious steelheaders since the advent of extended belly lines e.g. Rio Grand Spey, 3M XLT spey etc.

The Thompson is one of those rivers that makes anglers feel humble, not only for it's "land of the giants" vistas but the deep history and bionic steelhead that overcome great odds to reach the headwaters. Named for this mighty river, the Thompson Specialist will cover any river that requires fishing as no average spey rod will. Despite the length of the rod it's surprisingly light and extremely powerful, casting the longest lines almost as if they were shooting heads. For it's ability to cast great distances and provide line control at distance, this rod delivers without the weight of comparable rods of this length and power.

CND has sponsored us in the past and I hope the new distributor Snake River Outfitters will decide to join our sponsorship program for 2006.

Greg Pavlov
12-11-2005, 07:43 PM
Hi Greg -

Hope you are well.

They are rebuilding it. Try snake river outfitters.

Good ! Beginning to think ahead to next spring on the Cape..