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12-02-2005, 01:03 PM
I would appreciate opinions by users/builders of Gatti Rods.

I have a very good friend I am thinking of building a rod for. He appreciates fine, high quality gear and things that are less common. I think he might really enjoy a Gatti. I recently got started in building rods and this would be a great excuse to start another.

How do they stack up against rods like I am more familiar with, like Sage, Winston, etc.?

What do you like and dislike about them?

Based on what I've read on their web site they seem like excellent rods, but that's based on what they say and their "philosophy". I would like to hear from actual users.


12-03-2005, 07:00 AM
They have a number of models. See their web site - I bought two Gatti's - a 3pc 9wt PA and a 3pc 8wt PA sight unseen. These models make the most sense for saltwater. They are O.K. If I were putting in the time I would use Sage or Winston's 9wt is great.

12-03-2005, 08:03 AM
I have very limited exposure to them but from what I have thrown of them I would say they are stiff powerful rods for their rating. Some prefer that, I prefer a rod that flexes and does more work for the arm instead of making the arm work for it. I guess it depends on what your friend likes.

You didn't mention the application. Typically fewer casts to big heavy fish (e.g. tarpon) calls for less demanding flex characteristics and more powerful lifting. More casting and moderate sized fish that move around or jump (stripers, salmon/steelhead for instance) calls for a less stiff more easy casting flex. For trout I would think the su-weetest flex possible to make short casts and line control as pleasant as could be.

Add T&T to the list of premium alternatives of sweet flexing rods.


12-03-2005, 04:06 PM
I was a little rushed before.
The 8wt I have is a stiff rod for an 8wt. But the 9wt is too soft. A 2# blue makes it flex into the butt. Gatti makes 8 1/2 ft rods similar to the Loomis mega rods for lifting. But the other rods are not meant for lifting as in a boat.
I used to swear by my 3pc rods - have 6 of them - but I find I am going to my 4pc more and more. T&T, Sage, Winston (love the 9wt, not too crazy for the cork. Have to have the cork re done each year - thumb pressure. Provide more info re ultimate use.

12-04-2005, 12:19 AM
My friend who I would be building this rod for (as a surprise) has a number of rods. I wanted to do something nice for him because of the many things he has done for me over the years. In casual conversation I asked him if he were to purchase his next rod, what it would be. He said an easy casting 9" 5 weight. I didn't ask any more probing questions because I didn't want him to suspect anything. He doesn't even know I have taken up building rods yet, which is part of the surprise.

I know he has a few Sages, but most of his rods are Winstons. I may just bite the bullet and build a 9' 5 piece LT, which I am certain would fill the bill nicely.

Anyone familiar with CTS blanks made in New Zealand? I hear they perform very well also.

12-04-2005, 06:41 PM
CTS are very good blanks. Site sponsor and 2-hand rod builder/designer extraordianiare Robert Meiser had CTS build his blanks for him. CTS blanks are right up there with the other high end rod and blank manufacturers.

However, since most of his rods are Winstons and most Winston rods are of the moderate to soft stiffness, moderately fast recovery, and mid-flex to full flex type, you need to be careful you don't build him a rod that is far stiffer and less flexible than what he likes in his Winstons. I suspect what he means for an "easy casting 9' 5 wt" is a mid-full-flex, moderately fast recovery, moderate to soft stiffness rod, like the 9' 5 wt LT, or similar blanks.

01-02-2006, 10:39 PM
Im a current Gatti Dealer on the West Coast. The Gatti sticks are without a doubt, a very nice and extremely light fly blank. Ive put many different Gatti Rods in the Hands of Pro guides and they seem to say great things about them. In fact, one particular Pro Guide won a casting comp at a show a couple of years ago, he was amazed. I don't recommend the Gatti blanks for the begining fly fisher, especially if they are rough on their equipment. One thing you sacrafice for weight, is durability. I have broken a couple of Gatti rods, but my clients and I are rough with our gear. As for comparing that blank to other big name companies, well, they all are pretty much the same these days. TFO, SAGE, ELKHORN, WINSTON, ST.CROIX, GATTI, DAMON, T&T, eveyone makes a nice stick, but do they have a sweet warranty? Thats really the question. Buy a rod/blank that is backed by the company no mater what you do to that rod!