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: November Fly of the month contest - Winner!

11-28-2005, 02:58 PM
Well sports fans! The judges have debated for a few days now and even though we had a hard time picking one, we have a winner. Teflon jones and his fantastic story about hooking a cop in the butt on a steelhead fishing trip took the top spot. It is reprinted below for your reading pleasure. Great story Teflon, PM me with your snail mail and I will send you your fly.

And congrats and thanks to the rest of you who submitted stories. They were all great and deserve something. Wish I had time to tie all of you a fly.

For those of you who have not seen the stories please take a look at the attached link. There are some good ones. Very entertaining stuff.

Also, keep your eyes peeled. We will be announcing the December Fly of the month contest in a few days.


Several years ago I headed out to Seattle to visit my brother and my niece, and while I was in the area I decided to do a bit of fishing. I was new to steelhead fishing and I didn't really know what to expect. My brother knew somebody with a drift boat we could borrow, so we parked one car well downriver, drove up a ways in his buddy's car and trailer, and dropped the boat into river. The river was pretty high from some recent rainfall and my brother thought the fishing might not be great, but when given the choice to fish or not to fish, you can guess what I did!

We drifted downriver for a couple of hours and I hadn't seen a fish on my line yet, though my brother had gotten two small steelhead. This being my first steelhead trip, I guess my technique wasn't quite there yet, and the high river probably wasn't helping. We were getting close to the car and I was getting kind of bummed that I hadn't added steelhead to my species caught list when my line went taut and my reel started pulling off line slowly but steadily. I tried to apply a little pressure, but the fish wasn't having any of it and we continued to drift downstream. My brother paddled the boat towards the fish, which was close to a big undercut bank in a bend, so we could try and gain some line on it, but I was still getting nowhere. Thankfully my brother is in good shape so he was holding the boat in the current ok, but it wasn't easy! I started making a little headway and the fish was coming up to the surface slowly but surely. A minute later a big black object popped out of the water where my fish should have been, and a diver popped up his mask and gave me a very irritated look while he held my line in his hand!

Apparently the high rainfall had caused some serious flooding a little ways upstream and a couple trying to cross a flooded bridge the night before in their car had been washed into the river. My catch for the day was one very annoyed, very large, Washington State Police diver who had been searching the undercut. My hook went right through his wetsuit and got him in the butt (great hook placement, huh?). When I took a minute to look around I found a Zodiac coming downstream from where it had been beached on the bank a little ways upstream from me. When we originally passed it I thought it was just somebody out in their boat on the river who had stopped to relieve themselves or something like that.

To this day whenever I hook into a big fish I always look around for a diver's flag or a diving boat. :D