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: Maxine Egan: In Memoriam 11-4-2005

11-25-2005, 11:24 AM
I learned recently of the passing of Maxine Egan, one of the preeminent woman anglers on the coast. Maxine spent a large part of her life fishing for steelhead and salmon from her home in Campbell River, and was reknown for her ability to hook fish after fish when other anglers were having a tough day. She was a gracious and charming lady, always willing to share a run or a bit advice with anyone who asked.

Maxine is featured in the book _Salmon and Women: The Feminine Angle_ (Paterson, Wilma and Peter Behan, HF&G Witherby Ltd, London, 1990. ISBN 0-85493-201-1) and was consistently written up by awed sportswriters from the western Canadian Press. A gifted athlete, she showed as much prowess as a golfer as she did an angler.

She is survived by her husband Van, noted writer of a series of angling books, and their daughter Sandy.

She will always be remembered for her outstanding contributions to the steelheading lore and legends of Vancouver Island.