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: 11/20 - Last Boat trip of 2005

11-21-2005, 10:19 AM
Took advantage of a light family schedule and lucked out
with a warm day and fishable winds/waves.

Splashed @ Barn Isle a little before 7 (Note: the docks have been
removed). Engine was a bit problematic due to the cold, but once
things warmed up enough, she ran well the rest of day.

Nothing going on off Napatree, so headed up to Watch Hill –
that was quiet too, but saw great bird activity to the East – Gannets
and gulls. Should have taken some pictures/video…was just
amazing! Only a few boats on them, including a buddy who swung
by for some wire – we never saw a bass, but the place was nuts with
big, fat blues.

Mine were all in the 8-14lb range. All with bulging bellies. Each one
would have at least a couple of friends shadowing it – none of them
jumped (save for a few head shakes by the boat from a couple). But
they were very strong fish. Mostly used a herring fly, but don’t think
it would have mattered all that much. Once the bait hit the Watch Hill
reefs, the concentrated bird activity died off.

Cruised up to Quonny and got some more there too – but by noon, the
wind & waves were building pretty good, so had a slow slog into the
teeth of it all the way back to Napatree.

Winterizing the boat this week. Might still try to squeeze in another
shore trip (or two), but if not, I can’t complain – it was a great way to
end the salt season! Otherwise, it may be time to focus on midging trout
until the Spring.

In the meantime, I’ve got one last batch for the smoker.