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: Rooster fish info and fly paterns

11-16-2005, 09:51 PM

I am heading down to La Paz Baha this Chrismas break to do some kayaking around Isla Espirtu Santo and hope to try my luck at chasing Roosterfish via fly. I have read a few recent articles in the saltwater fly rags and have the Baha Catch book but am looking for some more detail about fly fishing for these wiley beasts. Any suggestions for technique and favorite fly patterns? Will I have to resort to chumming with baitfish :confused: . Have you fished in this area? I also hope to spend a couple of days in Magdelena Bay to do some Mangrove fishing for Snook? Tarpon? Is there a more appropriate group for this question?



11-17-2005, 08:01 AM
Hi Wolfgang, welcome to the forum!

I have fished out of Cabo and a bit futher North in the Sea of Cortez out of Punta Colorada. This late in the year the best shot at a roosterfish may be around Cabo. We targetted them from a boat just outside the surfline. The established technique was to liveline a cabalitto to get the roosters excited and close to the boat then throw flies. We seemed to search a lot of dead water in between strikes but you may just get lucky and hit a day when they are going gangbusters. :smokin: I would expect to find plenty of Spanish macks around and they are a blast on fly. For Dorado and Yellowfin you need to get out to bluewater but that can be within paddling distance. I would definitely book a half day with a panguero whilst you are there. They hit the water before sunrise and you can be back at the dock for oversize margaritas and family stuff by lunchtime.

Do a Google search on "baja insider" and you'll find a ton of great info including archived fishing reports going back several seasons.

Take pics and let us know how you get on.

Good luck!

p.s. A search on the bluewater board will yield some good info and there are a few more Baja veterans who can chip in.