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: 2-handed schoolies (thanks Juro)

11-13-2005, 11:46 PM
I've been experimenting with 2-handed rods from the beach/shore of Long Island, NY this season. Very fun- especially the schoolie bass and cocktail blues My favorite outfit for these smaller fish has been a Scott ARC 11'9" 6wt (spey), Van Staal 7/8 reel loaded with an 8wt Rio "Outbound" integrated shooting head line. I also use a 6wt windcutter spey line for for "swinging" small flys in tidal rivers- a very effective technique at night. I have also had fun catching shad, big rainbow trout and brown trout on this outfit too.

I highly recomend people give 2-handed/spey rods a try in the salt. Its not just fun, its very effective- especially for the shorebound angler.

Juro- thanks for all of the advice and help on getting me started. I'll definitely be picking up the CND Atlantis 9/10 All Rounder this winter!


11-14-2005, 10:00 AM
Makes perfect sense in some situations doesn't it?

My experience has been that while some old dogs aren't willing to get over that learning curve, others are reaping the returns on a little investment of time and trials.

I really enjoy those times where I am in control where a single hander makes no sense, and a spinning rod is just not for me (to each his own).

Give it a few years though, I think I might have started something :biggrin: