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: Wanted -- Knotted Leader Formulas that work!

11-08-2005, 07:21 PM
As a tackle experimenter, I've found little success with my search and effort to find knotted leader formulas which work (that is, deliver all but the tippet where cast). If anyone has a great idea based on Maxima for the butt and mid sections and Powerflex for the tippet section, please let me know. Thanks.

John Desjardins
11-08-2005, 08:16 PM
Welcome to the forum. There are some leader recipes in the line, loops & leaders forum a search there may yeild a result.

Which Maxima are you using? In my experiments I've noticed differences between the types, and played around with switching types in the transition area (mid section). No conclusive results to report though.

11-08-2005, 09:59 PM
John gives good advice, we've discussed it a lot as I recall over in the other board.

Been using the 60%/20%/20% rule with success for a long time. The butt (60%) can be stepped down at 60/40 itself, then the taper (20%) can be stepped in even half or three parts, then the tippet I usually leave as one pc. That's 5 or 6 parts for a long leader, so you can back-track from tippet up to a reasonable butt diameter.

Maxima comes in such small increments you could go 4# tippet, 6#/8#/10# taper, then 12#, 15# butt or something like that over a 9ft length. For trout I usually just buy tapered leaders since they last forever, replacing the tippet as needed.

For a 14ft steelhead dry Spey line I use 8# UG maxima, then 10#, 12#, 15#, then a 20#/30# butt. However all that is really necessary (when you can get away with it) is a straight 15# leader for Spey casting in most cases due to ability to apply more turnover with two hands.

For saltwater I prefer to fish 15# tippet tapering back to a 30-40# butt to match the stout lines and to carry weighty flies in wind. On the flats I will adapt a more stealthy leader but in surf a straight shot of 20# UG max will do just fine.

Bonefish get a little more attention, I like to use knotless leaders during daytime slack tides because of the little wake the line leaves on the surface. Fish see that a mile away on calm sunny mid-day slack tides. But when de tide pushes the pods onto de shore, little things like knots in the leader don't seem to matter provided the presentation is right especially in the evening when they get to waving their silver tails in the low-angle light.

The very best hand-tied leaders I have ever cast are Gary "The Leader Man' Selig of Mertztown, Pennsylvania.

11-09-2005, 03:43 PM

The tread below has some good leader formulas in it.



Night Raider
11-09-2005, 08:09 PM
Try leader calc at globalflyfisher dot com , I don't know that it works but it seems to be pretty in depth. There is also a nice big article with it.

good luck

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04-01-2006, 01:08 AM
check out leadercalc at thisw site: http://www.flyfisherman.com/skills/brleadercalc/index.html
I have used it many times and find it absolutely reliable