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: Must be good!

11-08-2005, 08:21 AM
Driving by Buck Island run on the Sky yesterday afternoon there were as best I could count 6 to 8 people fishing the run. Two cars up top and a big jet boat parked up above the run. It's all sinktips and Seans fault this run has become so popular in the last year, Hey and I shouldn't forget Dennis W. in with the other two. :hihi:

11-08-2005, 12:27 PM
What's with ratting out my favorite run on the Sky to millions of internet viewers??? This was my secret spot, but now its RUINED! :frown: :frown:

Yeah, I know . . . . .I think I can still remember back that far too - before it became Reiter West. :hihi:

I also remember my first spring Steelie on the Sky that came from BI - my buddy Clay shot a post-release pic of me sitting on a rock, rain-soaked hair dripping down my forehead, grinning like an Idiot. You could see the outline of the bridge thru the fog in the background. Good memories indeed!

Any other good BI memories?


11-08-2005, 12:39 PM

There must not be very many fish about so the boys aren't fishing yet since the run was practically deviod of anglers from your count. Perhaps it will heat up in the next week or so and the real fisherman (you know the non-feather tossers who we know are the best fishermen) will start to be out and about putting on their shoulder-to-shoulder displays of fishing prowess. Heck there is room at BI for at least 20 fellows to fish.

11-08-2005, 12:53 PM
Yeah but all those guys cannot get up early enough to beat the real steelheaders in :)

I think best memory has to be following two renown steelheaders (at least renown in thier crankiness) and hooking a nice hen :)

Steve what in the heck were you doing close to steelheading water? I though you gave it all up for sperry topsiders, polo shirts, and pleated khakis :razz:


11-08-2005, 12:59 PM
All I can say is the water looked good from the road. It really looked like the winter fishing season is here.

I was stuck in traffic right where one can see IRS and JD and they were void of anglers. It got me even wanting to fish again. I think I'll get my winter gear out tonight and at least look at it.

Last year Sean pulled a nice fish out right between me and sinktip about half way down the run. It was one of those beautiful days just before the season closed and the section of river was full of Kelts. :lildevl: The next day a good friend of mine wanted me to try his new rod and retied a new fly on for me before I made a cast. Hooked one huge kelt just above the rock at the end of the run only to have the fly come untied. It was one of those fish that feels like the earth is rotating at the end of your line then gone. Priceless the look on the other guys face as you walk out of the river with your arms spread wide showing how big steelhead Kelts can get. I think the best story on BI is that as early as me and tip get to our fishing spots, like 3am when it gets light at 6am we always see the VW Van at BI and it's every morning. Got to meet the guy last year and he was far out, kind of crazy but a nice guy. Anyone remember that guys first name?

Sean, I had a job in Sultan yesterday. I was going to fish before work but the wife made ride a bike on Sunday all over S. Seattle. I was lucky I had enough energy left on Monday to get into my truck. Hey I'm going to get a navy blue blazer and one of those white catian hats with a bit of scrambled eggs on it for the new boat. The boat leaves Texas this week and after recommissioning up here we will be sailing just in time for a good Christmas sail to the San Juans for the holidays. When I figure out how to post a picture on here I will post some of my new bluewater fishing boat.

11-08-2005, 01:03 PM
His name is Sean and no relation. He does like to talk a lot but his enthusiasm gets you through those 2 hours or waiting for the sun to get up. He defintely has the steelheading crazies and I am going to miss seeing him in the run this year as I shovel snow in Rhode Island.