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: Upgraded with TFO and Trion!

11-07-2005, 10:02 AM
Being a bargain hunter pays off sometimes, though one has to be aware that buying cheap can mean paying more in the long run. This weekend I feel I got two needed upgrades to my gear at good prices. One is an 8 weight Trion reel by Pflueger. No frills besides the oversized Rosewood handle- though I prefer a paddle style handle- but it is quite nice and has a center disc drag that I feel will actually slow a feisty fish down better than the offset brass disc drag on my graphite SA large arbor low cost reel. This reel will be for carpin around home and for Silvers in AK each fall.

The other upgrade is a Lefty Kreh TFO Series one rod that I got off ebay for $13.00 plus shipping. Seems it was bought new, never fished and the tiptop was snapped off. Bummer. The fellow put it on ebay with the Factory TFO rod sock, the Classic hard rod tube, the paperwork including the unfilled warranty card and I lucked out at the auction end. The broken tiptop had about an inch of rod tip in it at the break. I had an old tip top and just put heat and hot glue on it and VOILA! a new 8 foot 5 inch, 5 weight. I was pretty excited to get a decent starter rod over my entry level low cost rods. The real surprise came this weekend when I took it out to fish it. WOW! It was unbeleiveable! My thoughts were -So this is what a REAL fly rod feels like! Sure I had just the day before held some of the new ORvis Zero G rods in the store but did not get to cast them with line loaded. This TFO loaded beautifully and casts like hot buttered silk . I kept looking down at it while I fished it. Casts were accurate and effortless and presentation was as hard or soft as I wanted. Distance casting was easy. I cast so far I could barely see my flyline tip. No extra horsepower needed to get the line out there. In fact I overcast a couple of times from having been used to whipping my other rod harder. No fatigue and I found myself just flicking loops with a grin. It felt like I had a handle, a reel, flyline and fly attached to a 3 foot willow switch. OK...maybe a 4 foot switch. But really, that's what I felt. All this casting put more flies in the trees too and in the brushy stickups where the fish were hanging out. Felt good playing a few fish too on it and had one of the monster bass eat a bluegill for a couple of minutes of drag around the pond. Couldn't get the big boys to bite anything but my bluegills and I threw the whole fly box at them some times sightfishing and running a tempting (or not) fly right past them both directions. no takers. Oh but the sweet rod made up for the lack of fish numbers.

And what else shows up in the mail from hook and hackle? an 8 foot, 2 pc , 4wt, IM6, charcoal blank with swapped to full wells grip for my first rod project. Christmas list is firming up fast!