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: fishing tuesday

10-30-2005, 10:07 PM
Thinking of taking a sick day tuesday for a last fling before I experience my first new england winter. Gonna be steelheading the next couple weeks back west and think the fishing may be over by the time I get back. Anybody interested in fishing south county? Was thinking of putzing around the middleside but the better bet may be down southwest.


10-31-2005, 04:52 AM
Hmmmmmm. I'm tempeted to join you. I'll let you know. I'd have to call out also. The way things are going I'd doubt the fishing will be over when you get back.


10-31-2005, 07:51 AM
Strong SW winds predicted for tommorw. If the seas are as forecasted it might not be fishable on the beach where most of the action was yesterday.


10-31-2005, 08:32 AM
Yeah it is not supposed to get really going until noon so if I start early i should be able to catch the last of the high and then fish the outgoing tide hoping the wave action will not be so bad...Guess if it gets really bad I can go inside napatree.

Will probably still do it. Cannot pass up a 70 degree day in November.


10-31-2005, 09:18 AM
Wish I could make it. I'd say RI might be a better bet than the canal at this point. There will be a lot of junk washing through from CCB after the blow we had, though the SW might push it out.
Good luck and enjoy the weather.

10-31-2005, 10:57 AM
Word is that the Canal Gods will light it back up one more time....Friday :lildevl:

11-01-2005, 07:10 PM
Well I hope they show up on friday cause they were not around today in any numbers. Caught a handful of smaller fish at napatree but no real schools of fish came through and the birds were not working. Took a peek at every beach on the way home and was surprised by the total lack of birds. Bet they were showing up just as I left each spot...

So I checked out a beach on the complete opposite side of the state and took a few good size blues out of the surf. Long day and not many fish but found a new spot that should be dynamite come next spring through summer.


11-01-2005, 07:19 PM
North of Newport sports some very fine beaches all the way into Mass.. I'm guessing that's what you mean by 'opposite end'. thanks for the report Sean. Looks like I made the right decision.