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: Friday Fishing in RI

10-29-2005, 02:55 PM
Got up at O’stupid-thirty yesterday and drove down to fish Rhode Island with my friend Chris (managed to talk him into taking the day off). Splashed the boat and off went. Air temps were a little above freezing, water temps significantly better.

Rounding the corner, found us into birds over busting schoolies. There were only a few other boats on them – and some folks on the beach, but sadly, the fish didn’t get all that close for them to get into much action (at least while we were there). That died, and after a run up to Watch Hill, which also appeared quiet, we decided to try the run across. Seas were quite flat about ½ of the way over, but then continued to build. We got perhaps ¾ of mile from the lighthouse and decided it was really going to a long, slow slog back – so we turned around and headed towards Fisher’s figuring to get more in lee. Nearly halfway back, we saw a submarine. (Made for great guesses last night at a party we went to: “You’ll never guess what we saw today out on the water”) Totally cool to see this bad boy cruising along on the surface. Was tempted to snap a few photos, but given our close proximity, I decided it wasn’t worth it to push our luck. Incidentally, what is the proscribed distance one is supposed to keep from a sub cruising on the surface? (Sorry gang, “out of torpedo range” was already picked last night.)

Back to Napatree which still had some fish working, but far less actively/obviously. So we headed up past the lighthouse figuring to check the breechways. Didn’t get too far beyond Weekapaug – when we ran into tons of schoolies mixed with blues (some of the large)….this action lasted for a long time – and we had multiple doubles/singles for hours. Took some shots of the surface blitzes…the squawks of the birds, flashes of fish leaping and swirling on the water, and the slap of their tales/bodies will keep us both cheered in the off-season. (And looking at the snow coming down, that seems a lot closer now than it did yesterday) Fish were spitting up baby bunker – we used a combination of Peanut bunker flies, crease flies & gurglers.

Sun showed early and then clouds until we saw the sunset peeking underneath as we were driving back up I-95. Water temps were mid 50’s. All in all, a fun though at times nippy day on the water, fishing with a good friend. Hoping to get another shot perhaps next weekend and even the one following before winterizing for the season.


10-29-2005, 04:29 PM
Cool report, it gives me hope :cool: for next weekend as I see the snow start to accumulate in the boat :frown:

10-29-2005, 05:39 PM
One of those folks on the beach was me! I waved to you but you were too busy catching fish. We had them in close for only five minutes. When you left Napatree in the AM for Watch Hill, I wanted to call and tell you to look out at Sugar Reef but I left the phone in the car. Tons of birds out there. Thanks for the report.

Bigger fish are begining to show in Mystic. Lost a cow to a straightened hook this afternoon. I've got a feeling it's just beginning and tomorrow it's 60 degrees and sunny. These fish will be moving fast if they don't get going soon. The magic 50 degree water temps are just around the corner.

Good luck next weekend Jared.