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: No. Shore musings

10-28-2005, 10:13 AM
Well guys, not long now, if not already. I had a decent year though the dog days were slow as usual. I caught my best fish last week up in Magnolia. A 38" in 4 feet of water on a 6" yak hair blue herring pattern. Almost got spooled. Nice blistering runs way into backing. It was a rare fish though for me. Full moon on a sand bar, and a sunrise complete with full rainbow to follow.
I can't give up the season (up nawth shoah) though until I get skunked. So I will do a symbolic drive from M-Head down to Nahant hoping to get that last blitz. Heck 2 years ago I caught a school of stripers to 30" and saw a small whale in a cove out there on this exact date. But the Oct. storms may have blown it all out. So if you see a guy in a green pickup skulking around Rte. 127, or 1A in the snow flurries, it's me putting the sport to bed for the winter. (ahem...grumble....cough..unless I run to Rhodey). Hope you had a good season all.