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: Ross Canyon Big Game - 7 Black

10-23-2005, 11:09 PM
A little over a year ago, a friend I met here on the Spey Pages "bailed me out" in selling me a Ross BG-7 reel to replace one that I had stolen from me on my return from Alaska. And he gave me a hell of a deal on it. It saved my steelhead season in a big way, and has been a great replacement. Having acquired another reel, and now wanting to add a rod to the quiver, I have a need to sell this reel.

The condition is excellent, w/ a small wear mark on the outer rim of the frame. Using an anodizing pen, I've made that mark nearly disappear. Functionally, this reel is perfect. Drag, clicker, etc. are in excellent condition. Ross reels have an excellent reputation, as does the Canyon Big Game series. W/ this reel, I am able to have 200-220 yards of 30 lb braided dacron backing w/ a 8/9/10 Rio Windcutter tips, and 200 yards of the same backing w/ an Airflo 8/9 Delta Long. Plenty of capacity for backing and most lines in the 7-10 weight catagory.

I'm offering this reel for what it was offered to me - $350 plus shipping. I'll keep it posted here for a week or so, and if no takers, will take the sale E-bay. If interested, PM me...



11-05-2005, 12:45 AM
Let me know, offer still stands...