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: "New" JP Ross Fly Rod 43t

10-22-2005, 09:28 AM
And absolutely Incredible rod!!! Anyone who has ever tried one of the rods will attest to it... Made in New York and one of the fastest growing rod comapnies out there. These guys Know what they are doing.....

THe Rod in question is a "NEW" 9'6" # peice 7 weight... and up loads to an 8 weight effortlessly.. A medium to fast action rod.....Green finish, and comes with aluminum rod tube..

Below is pic and further details on Rod.


Function: The 43t is the best value rod of the JP Ross Fly Rod family. These rods scream with quality and cast with excellence. Once again sticking to a medium action as our majority of rod actions. Preferred by most trout anglers, the 43t is built with IM6 and accessorized with beautiful components. The two and three piece rods are delicate with a very strong butt, while the 4 piece travel series has a bit faster action. Manufactured with extra large stripping guides, single foot snake guides, and oversized tip top, they are known for their ability to shoot extreme distances with little effort. We have studied these rod tapers until we found the most effective guide spacing.

By accentuating the action of these rods with ultra low friction single foot snake guides, the 43t is by far the best performing rod we build for a light smooth medium action retailing for less than $300 dollars. Although considered a trout rod, our line weights are from a delicate 3 weight up to a strong 12 weight. These rods have the power to penetrate through a stiff wind and effectively cast a large streamer or weighted nymph. All 43t's are personalized with inscriptions and optional feather inlays. There is no other rod in its category that delivers a more fluid cast, or looks as beautiful. The 7 weights and larger are built with full wells grip, and solid titanium reel seat and fighting butt.

Selling rod for $220.00
Lifetime warranty, and after purchase can send it back to Jp Ross for custom inscription free of charge.