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: Thompson Basin 9/11/01

09-11-2001, 07:09 PM
Hooked onto a real nice salmon tonight just after sunset. The fish took several jumps and all the guys were yelling. I was using my light line 3 wt again, with 7x tippet. I got the fish into shore after awhile and was about to net it when it went for a 2nd strong run with several more jumps. On the last jump the 7x tippet let go and that was that. It was a good fight and now I know what to tye tonight. Cream colored caddis. I believe the fish was about 19". The fish took my last fly so a gave my spot to another fly guy, Old Pete. He was throwing a small white streamer (white marabou, cristil flash, malard collar, #12 hook) with 5x tippet. He hooked and landed a 18" salmon. I will be going with 6x tippet tomorrow ;-).