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: Red Tide

10-20-2005, 01:50 PM
I was planning on doing alittle fishing around Sarasota/Tampa and found the area has been suffering through a massive Red Tide since January of this year. So much for fishing the coast, inland water ways for snook is probably OK. It's one of the worst cases in a long time. I found an informative write up on it for you to read if interested here..

I read that it's intensifying in the panhandle and extending into Alabama now. You can look at the current RED TIDE forcast and fish kill status for Florida here...

If your planning on fishing the area, you might do well to look at the other coast or at the very least an area that is not presently effected by the Red tide.

Tight Lines,

10-20-2005, 08:53 PM
It will be interesting to see if the hurricane will stir up the water in this area where the red tide is and disapate its denseness. It may even get rid of it totally for this season. I was shocked to see ocean bottom dissolved oxygen at < 2 ppm. Even the lower end of the Hood Canal out in Washington which has a big problem in this natural fiord with extremely low DO is nothing like what Florida has. Anyone know how big the tides are on the west coast of Florida? Maybe there is not enough currents in this area of Florida. With little tide or strong prevailing winds areas of such warm water are perfect breeding grounds for red tide and all the natural marine devastation that comes with it.

10-20-2005, 09:51 PM
Hi OC,

I sure hope the storm helps to break it up. It's been very ugly down there.

Everything from shellfish to big grouper, even manatees have been killed. The city periodically will pick up all the dead fish with front end loaders haul them off and bury them. Off the coast dead fish are floating all over the place, bouncing off your hull and hitting the props. Hope it breaks up soon it will be a year in January. I guess one should have expected it to be bad if it formed at a time when it was least likely too.


10-22-2005, 06:18 PM
I fish the S/W coast of Florida every March. I'd suggest you check the aforementioned sites to see what's new with the red tide. Fishing from shore is just awful when the red tide is around and for the past 3 yrs. that I've vacationed there, it's been around. If not a total fish kill as it was year before last, it's just that the fish at the shoreline just don't come in to shore. If it's still there this March, it will be the last time I "condo" there for the winter months, that's for sure. You can't even breathe without coughing. Last year, it was OK to sit on the beach. Year before last, you had to put your t shirt over your nose and mouth to breathe without coughing. The worst!