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: Peacock Bluegill Imitator

10-19-2005, 11:53 AM
Well here is the panfish look-a-like contest loser fly. I really don't have a good name for it nor know if it is even original or not. I just thought it up after having a rash of Bass attack and devour my spider/fly caught bluegills. The recipe is as follows and is easily modified with other materials. I used what I had on hand.

The body: two left or right Peacock sword feather tips. About the last 3 inches. These are then trimmed of the sparse side herle and glued at the tail end to about halfway quill to quill. (the glue did not hold on the first fish so carefully wrapping thread between the feathers to secure them together is a better method). I thought about splitting the quills with an exacto to remove mass and reduce floatation but it was not necessary. The tail tips overlap on each side giving the tail area a propellor or screw effect.

The hook: any good size Bass streamer style and length hook will do. Something like a Salmon fly hook will work. Shank should come out of the head end about 3/16ths for other feathers and head wrap. I body wrapped the hook in tan thread ( noob faux pas-should be dark thread) for the quills to get some purchase on when tying them in. Hook point goes down. Weed guard is optional. Hook length should go about half way through the body before the bend occurs.

Throat: I used yellow marabou to simulate the bright breast of Bluegills. yellow fan type feathers could be subbed in here

Cheeks and Gillplate tags: Black hen fan type feathers used here to simulate a head and gillplate area with a dark tag

Eyes: I used guinea feather tips with most other spots trimmed away. Stick on eyes, Jungle Cock, or probably best and what I'll use in the future will be fairly big jiggly doll eyes glued on each side.

Whip and finish with head cement.

Fished with panic-stricken-herky-jerky strips and pauses. My first version also spins and gets some line twist which is removed automatically during the pauses. If your water is clear you can observe the fly rotating slowly and flashing the iridescent peacock feathers, hopefully sending an "EAT ME!" message to nearby Bass.
Can be sized up or down if desired. This is my first attempt at something like this but it sure did catch a monster Bass on the first time out. It also needs to get waterlogged to "swim". Weight may or may not be needed... you decide.
The Bluegill Imitator........

10-20-2005, 08:23 PM
very cool. original and uses my favorite material - peacock herl, the fishiest feather around.

10-21-2005, 07:45 AM
I am a big fan of traditional materials, and that's a great baitfish immitation.

Nice job! :smokin: