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: Near Season End South Beach Musings

10-14-2005, 07:16 PM
Given that this is the umptineth day of rain and howling winds, the opportunity for a bit of season reflections came to mind.
For sure, this, to date, has been a different season at South Beach:
-The topography and flow due winter storms and to the narrowing of the southway presented both challenges and new opportunities. The greatest adjustment was to the almost non existant current which occurred about 3 hrs into the drop till 2 hrs into the incoming. Although that made the fish a bit less active due to less moving could still be had.....concentrating on the drops off/holes/grass beds and utilizing micro flies helped the cause;
- There were few days where the fish were active on both tides....more often than not, if they hit on incoming, they didn't on outgoing. Low always seemed to produce when the right locations were discovered (see above);
-The bass arrived in force but at the same time, so did the bluefish which marauded the flats, bait and bass....and the bluefish never really appeared to totally leave the confines of the day I saw a 10ft wide line of blues that was at least 300 yds long traversing the flats.....a sight to behold! Score: 4 blues caught and landed...7 flies donated to the Blues Brothers;
- As the season went on, fishermen became scarce.....often I had the whole place to myself....if it wasn't for the likes of Ken (McFly), Jim Simms, Bill (Fishhawk) and Phil (Bonefishmon)...I would have been mistaken for a hermit (if there was someone to observe). I don't know if the dwindling numbers had to do with the price of gas, the cost of the shuttle or rumors that SB was dead due to the narrowing of the southway. It shouldn't be the last reason....although I worked harder than ever this year to find cooperative fish...I had my best year re #'s and size. Decline no.....different, yes;
- Reports on this site were few...maybe the need to find new locations to be successful made people clam (no pun intended) up. While I can understand and agree that ultra specifics on a limited location, broadcasted over the net is unwise and stupid....there were a few reports that bordered on: "fished the Cape, got 5, all caught in the water, using a particular fly presented in a special way" . What really got me interested in this site 3 years when I was a salt novice, were the helpful hints and info that I needed to have a chance at being aware of what I had to do, to attempt to be successful. Maybe others will disagree, but my opinion is that this site can and should promote the sport, help novices and others, without being so specific that a limited location has hords of FF's on it, ruining it for all. It's a balance that I will strive to achieve next season.
- In reflecting on the season, there is no doubt in my mind that fishing extensively with Jim Simms, Ken (McFly) , Phil (Bonefishmon) and Bill (FishHawk), was the highlight of this season for me. I will try (I promiss Ken) to tie even smaller flies next year. :hihi: I can think of no better people (other than my daughter...sorry gentlemen) to spend a day with. A lot of success, a lot learned, great conversation, great friendships...thanks!
- Flies that worked: Spring = anything; June = early a.m.... olive over white 3 1/2 " sand eels..after 10 a.m. on a sunny day = tan over white; July and August = micro sandeels (if you can see them from 10 ft away, they are too big) and Jim Bender's olive shrimp pattern.....this fly proved to be a killer for me especially 2 hrs either side of the low...plop that sucker over the edge of the drop off and just let it slowly swing with the minimal retrieve, just an occassional twitch...Bang! Sept = sandeels and micro bunker patterns.
- Funniest 2005 SB experience was thanks to Capt. Keith.....he let me off at 8 all by my lonely, no one in sight for 4 hours...around 12:30 p.m. a lone FF who was on vacation for the week from Philly walked up to me...he looked down at what I thought was my waist (I'm thinking, this is odd).....then he says...."I asked Capt. Keith where I should fish and he said, go to the right, round the point and keep on walking till you find the guy with the white plastic thumb (a brace I use because of arthritis) must be the guy". Guy must have had a lucky day as there are 100's of guys out on SB with plastic thumbs :lildevl: As he never had caught a striper before, I took him to a (pardon me) specific spot.....2nd cast he hooks and lands a he is reeling the fish in....Keith shouts with a strait face from his nearby seal tour...."I forgot to tell you that he charges $400 a day for guiding" was the only time that I saw a guy on SB with a face whiter than my plastic thumb :) Of course he tipped Keith on the return for the advise....I'm still waiting for my cut :) to decide......Cape when the weather clears or R.I.....soon there will be no decisions to make as it will be winter. Good luck to all the rest of this season and next!

10-15-2005, 06:58 AM
To those of you that have not had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron for a day fishing I would suggest you do so before all the fish leave. He is my favorite example of why I enjoy this Forum as much as I do. Hey Ron! If the RI thing is making your decision difficult just go to South Beach. You still have a few weeks left to fish RI. Wish I could join you there one last time this year. Thanks for the kind words and another mind sharing experience. Great article!


10-16-2005, 10:13 AM
Phil....I hope to be able to get down to the the moment, my wife's and my time has been being spent caring for an elder family member that lives 50 miles away from us...if things calm down....I would really enjoy festing at your fest and seeing everyone :-)

10-27-2005, 07:53 AM
Now that the season is nearing an end I must say that this is the best season for me that I ever had. I learn a lot by fishing with Jim Sims and CSJ60 along with Ken. I had some memorable times on the flats with Paxton(Ron). I read somewhere that if you want to improve your fishing fish with positive non competitive people. It has worked for me. And I have enjoyed my outings with Jbasser watching him unlock the secrets of the Canal. The new friends made at the Octoberfest are priceless. Looking forward to the Kenny fest with Chris and Drew. Finally, the great dinner at the Sims Saloon with Adrian, Striblue and company. FishHawk :smokin:

10-27-2005, 03:06 PM
I made two trips to the Cape, this year, from England and can honestly say that I was quite taken aback at how friendly and cooperative all the people I met during my stay were.
The fishing was great but the company was better and I hope to meet up with anyone I missed on my next visit. I also have a date with that bloody fezz! :chuckle:

Thanks guys.

10-27-2005, 05:29 PM
Stevo. It goes without saying that Fezz or no Fezz you are a part of the Chatham experience and we welcome you back with open reel pouches! See you in 06'.


10-28-2005, 04:54 AM
I think Stevo speaks for all of us English lads. your generosity was at times almost overwhelming, and i think you can look forward to a bigger contingent returning next year.

I won't be with them, but I will be over at Easter house-hunting with my good lady around plymouth/duxbury/ marshfield etc so hopefully i may get some time off and catch up with some of the crew then.


10-30-2005, 05:19 AM
The rhody fest was the end of the season for me, had a really good year burned up a lot of flies. The season started off great even with the pouring rain the spring fling was a blast. And the failed fuel pump gave us a excuse to head back down to Chatham to really hammer the bass on S.B. The Maine fishing was great starting off with popham beach, always a hot spot in june with tons of fish caught between me my brother and nephew. Caught a tagged fish this spring at the mouth of the kennebec that was tagged two years earlier in lower mannhatten that was pretty cool. Also broke down and repowered my boat with a new honda 4 stroke so my brother spent alot of time fishing southern maine out of the saco landing and look foward to bringing my boat down to fish the sound next year. I had a great time fishing with all you guys from the forum and look foward to the spring cause its going to be a long cold maine winter :frown: see you at the shows DREW

10-30-2005, 08:22 PM
The rhody fest was the end of the season for me, had a really good year burned up a lot of flies. . . . Caught a tagged fish this spring at the mouth of the kennebec that was tagged two years earlier in lower mannhatten that was pretty cool. DREW

Hey Drew, I caught a tagged striper today at the place where you caught those fish during the Rhodyfest. The fly was just hanging off the rod tip and dangling in the water as I was walking forward. When I picked up the rod to make a cast, the fish was already on! It will be interesting to see where/when it was tagged.


10-31-2005, 06:11 AM
Thats cool, My brother caught a tagged fish also this spring on south beach.I tell ya its a wicked nice morning I wish I was standing on that bar on nap point right now! instead Im taking my boat to be winterized :frown: Locomotive Breath :hihi: