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: Phatakorva Tempeldog

Peter Terndrup
10-07-2005, 05:26 AM

The inventor of this fly is Mikael Frödin from Sweden and its named after the famous pool in Alta - The Phatakorva.
I had great sycces with it this year specaly when the water i clearing up after some rain.
I had good morning with 7 salmons in a row on the Alta River, and the night before I lost a monster in Phatakorva pool.

Plastik tube
Tag: Oval gold tinsel
Butt: Fluo red wool
Tail: Red SLF Hanks
Body: First half gold Mini Flatbraid and the second half black Ice dub
Rib: Gold Mini Flatbraid
Bodyhackle: Orange badger
Fronthackle: Black Speyhackle
Ving: Feiry Brown Tempeldog hair mixed with Rainbow Angel Hair and Peacock Gliss N`Glow flash and 3 to 5 Peacock hjerls on the top.
Cheeks: JC
Conehead: Black or Gold

Tight lines!