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: Colorado Browns in October

10-05-2005, 01:48 AM
Ok, folks, I bypassed the newbie thread to go right to the horsey's mouth, so to speak. I'm from Orlando but currently spending 2 weeks in Buena Vista, CO on the Arkansas River. I just paid $200 for a 5 weight 9' Yellowstone Rod and a Eagle Claw Granger 560 reel. The guy that sold me the stuff gave me some casting lessons in the parking lot and down at the river, so consider the "free" lessons when I ask you, "Did I get ripped off, or am I OK for fishing the the soon-to-spawn Brown trout here?" Has anyone ever heard of Yellowstone rods (Jackson Hole. Wyoming)? I couldn't find anything about them online, so I came to YOU. Is Eagle Claw considered an "amature brand." I really don't care either way, I just want to know.

Any info would be welcome -- encourage a new fly fisherman -- further the cause!


10-05-2005, 08:25 AM

All the gear you just bought is just fine. Don't worry about it go out and have a great time and enjoy the fishing. If you really like fly fishing and do it a lot and become a fly fishing bum like many here at flytalk you will grow out of the equipment but that will be a year or so off after you get all the basics down and want to fish on a daily basis. If you live in Florida you will start to consider heavier gear after awhile for big Bass in your home lakes and then on to the not too distant salt water fly fishing. For that you will eventually need gear designed for salt water which is tougher and corrosion resistant. But you will have a great time in Colorado fishing Browns with your new gear and it will do you justice.
Have fun let us know how you make out.

10-05-2005, 09:48 AM
Well, mukfire, being a fairly new flyguy with only a couple years under the flyline, I'll jump in and give you a few pennies worth. On the fly rod- Yellowstone does have a website. ( so as not to step on forum policy-you search it out) So....a rod + reel + flyline + backing + FREE lessons= a pretty good deal to me!
They tout the rod as a "$400.00 quality rod at less than half the price". Hopefully, this does not break the forum rules since this is rod information and not a dealer site plug. If a problem, please delete and forgive me. My opinion is that you got a fair deal for the money with the casting lessons included. The reel is machined aluminum with some good features. "Entry level" could be a nicer description for your reel brand. The reels are, to a certain degree and especially more so when targeting small fish, just "line holders" as the fly rod is really a "line caster" and "fish fighter and tippet saver" with the fly along for the ride and to tempt the fish when presented properly. Simplistically put, a decent rod to start (you now have one), an OK reel(you got it too), GOOD line(?), the right flies for the target fish (??), and correct, consistent casting and stripping (??) will get you the desired results. FISH! The reel should last a while though if you stick with it one with a disc drag system is really helpful for fighting larger fish. I have completely toasted a $cheap$ reel ( my first) that was graphite with plastic internals. Lesson learned on my part. Speaking of lessons, the ones you got may have been the best thing you got to get you going! I used a video and reading and frontyard and plenty of trial and error. Still learning big time! I would say get out there and fish! Use good line ($$) and dress/clean it frequently and then if you stick with it upgrade or add to and build your collection. Hopefully the more experienced flyfishers will add and or correct any mis-information I've given you. Good luck on those Browns!

10-05-2005, 11:21 AM
Here is a report from the Ark. Check out the shop in Canon City, they are the best around

"The Arkansas fished great today and yesterday on hopper/dropper rigs with an Orange Stimy trailing a Copperhead and a third fly behind the Copperhead. Larry's new Cold Turkey Baetis is killer and we'll have it up on the store tomorrow. Check out the bigger fish in the heavy water current tongues in the afternoon. A bounce nymphing method with a big stonefly nymph or Bead head Prince does the trick with lots of split shot and 2X tippet."

Great time of the year to be in Colorado. I hear that the big browns are moving out of 11-mile res and that the Kokanee are moving on the Gunnison.

Good Luck