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: fishing report: Lake Merimichi

10-04-2005, 03:28 PM
Another report off my favorite local mudhole of late, Lake Merrimichi. I'd been scouting the lake with Google maps and there's an area that always looked interesting, but we'd never tried. The weeds in the lake are still thick in most of it so my father in law and I took his canoe to this new section. Boy am I glad we did! Not only are there very few weeds, but there were big bass everywhere! I caught a 16" bass my first cast, a 12"+ crappie two casts later, and then another couple pound bass on the next cast. After that, things slowed down a little, but I ended up with 5 or 6 bass on the day. All but one were 15-16" and a couple of pounds (the other one was 12"). I also caught the one crappie, plus two yellow perch in the 10" range. I finished up the day with a pickerel that was somewhere over 20". He made the unhooking easy for my by shaking himself off the hook, so I didn't measure him very accurately! :)

Oh, and my father in law also landed 4 bass in the 15-16" range, plus a host of big sunfish.