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: Grand River Spey Clave thanks

10-04-2005, 09:34 AM
Figured it would be worth putting up a “thank you” thread here, about the Grand Rover Spey Clave.

Obviously, the men of the hour and their wives, Neil and Rick, whose long work made this happen.

To FlyFusion magazine who provided important organizational support.

To the manufacturers that sent rep and gear, Loomis, Carron, Sage, Clan Rods, Hardy, and Loop (hope I didn’t forget one). Loomis and Sage put on their usual great spread of rods for demos. Andy Murray of Hardy brought all those lovely toys to lust over, Loop had some gear to try including the new Grey line. However, a special nod to both Carron and Clan, small companies that made a big effort.

New products of note, the new full range of Loomis sticks that’s always a blast, the new Sage replacement for the VPS range – very nice.

Carron and Clan rods were an eye-opener, very big, very stiff, very fast, and super powerful yet amazingly light and easy casting with the Carron lines – made even a duffer like me look good. The Carron lines are just unreal – anybody with a long belly lust should get one.

Learning about Alexander Grant from Gordon MacLeod's presentation was extremely interesting, including the first demo of the Grant’s planet cast and finding out that Grant was using multi-tip lines of varying densities way back then. Nothing new under the sun, eh?

To those who missed it . . . .