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: Getting there - Boneclave

09-29-2005, 05:21 AM
> From Bourne Bridge - take route 6 south to 151 in an easterly direction (direction markings i.e. NSEW are wacky in this area) to get to route 28. Then head toward Waquoit (it's marked strangely like north maybe) which is a right at the intersection.

You will pass the Waquoit Bay hq and come to the Childs River overpass with a boat basin on the left and a large parking lot at the top of the road. It's kind of a gravelly looking lot.

Take that left and bring your gear to the boat ramp if you wish. Park in the big lot on the road. We've arranged for local police patrol of the lot, make sure you give a donation next fund-raiser.

> From east, take exit #2 off 6 and head south on 130 to 28, again head toward Wacky (right turn) and watch for the refuge HQ bldg on the left. The above applies from there.

The area is called "White's Landing"...