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: New from Colorado

09-26-2005, 06:00 PM
I've been on the forum a couple of times, but I missed typing my introduction. I mostly grew up in Missouri. I've been a fisherman since I was in pre-school and I have fly fished a little since I was 12. I just moved to Colorado Springs in January of 2004 and I feel like I'm in heaven! Always wanted to fly fish for trout and now I'm wrapping up my second summer of hitting the Colorado streams and rivers. Haven't touched my old spinning and bait casting equipment since the move.

I still have a lot to learn -- I consider myself mostly a beginner. Last summer I hardly caught a thing. Much better this summer. My casting is coming along great, but really need help in fly selection (especially when there is no top water action).

I like finding remote areas away from all the traffic. I've never done much lake fishing for trout, but next summer I'd like to hit up many of the high mountain lakes. It's starting to get cold now and the aspens are turning yellow. I have a few more weeks to hit the mountain streams and then I'll stick to fishing the foothills where it stays 20 degrees warmer. I know people still fish in the mountains during the winter, but when ice cycles hang from my nose and my line freezes to the rod guides, I think I'd rather be skiing. Props to you hard core guys who'll still catch trout in those conditions.