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: Two Trout and a Bird

06-29-2001, 08:36 AM
I was fishing the St Vrain about 10 min from my house last evening to a very heavy caddis hatch. I was downstream from a bridge that is the home to hundreds of birds. The birds build their nests out of mud and seem to live under ever bridge out here, I think they might be swallows. I was standing on the bank in some willows roll casting to rising fish when a bird swooped down and ate my EZ-caddis out of the air. It happened right in front of me, the bird took the fly. I pulled and the bird did a nose dive into the water then flew away. It is hard to get a good hook set on a beak. There are lots of stories of people catching bats but i cannot rembember any bird stories. After that i managed 2 beautiful browns and called it a day