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: September Morn!

09-14-2005, 08:35 AM
I thought Id head over to sandwich this morning, Monday, the incoming an outgoing tides, are great to fish. this morning it was 1/2 TIDE outgoing. when I got there there were 2 outher guys kneee deep throwing a fly around I sat on the rock jetty an smoked my cigar an watched. I DONT fish it till the bar shows, cause thats when water washes over it an causes a DROP off on the outher side, an washes bait into it. just sat watching, smoking, an taking in the sun. BEAUTIFUL MORNING. was going to be 92 today, I LOVE it. not a sole on the beach, all the kids in school, an parents are working, couldent ask for more? the tide got low an the bar started to show.time to walk out. the fly guys were not doing to well. not a fish caught an nothing to be seen. they packed up an left. AAAAAAAAAAAAA! the whole beach to my self!!!!!!!!!! I stood off to the right a few feet away from the rocks. knowing the fish would come in from the side, an run along the drop off an scoop up the bait. mad a few casts an NOTHING, made a few more, still nothing. I looked to my left, on the outher side of the jetty there they were BUSTING water up again'st the rocks. GOT TO MOVE. had to walk out of the water, over the jetty wall to the outher side of the beach. they were still there. I walked down to the water, an at the edge it was BLACK for about 30-40' HUMMMMMM! YES! BAIT-BALL, all the bait was in 6-12" swimming around, an at the outher EDGE some 40' out STRIPERS
were slapping the water w/ there tails, busting the surface,an sucking up bait, I walked slowley along the edge of the rocks, just enough to move the bait out from the rocks a few feet so I could get a good spot to cast.I was knee deep an bait was swimming all around me. I made a cast an caught, bait fish, made another ,caught another bait fish. to much bait to even fish. had to just stand an watch the stripers bust only a few feet, from where I was standing, in front, to my right, I was getting wet from them splashing water on me. it was unreal! as the tide moved out they moved with it.thought I might have a chance as they moved. NO WAY the bait was just to much. all I could do was watch as some BIG tails, an backs came out of the water w/ mouths wide open an sucking in bait. this lasted for 1/2 hour or so.I walked out of the water an,headed back up the beach. sat on the rocks, made a few cell-phone calls. that was that!

09-16-2005, 03:26 PM
Saltydog,just a little east of where you were Monday,last night had the mature menhaden trapped against the sand bar along the beach,and the broom tails were on them,Amen.

09-17-2005, 09:16 AM