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: Louise Shotton Bonefish and other things.

09-11-2005, 06:00 PM
Well, I have not had time to read any posts. This has been 6 months more or less, since I have read this.. Does anyone have anything to say? I read up on everything and nothing is being importantly said. Am I incorrect by saying this?
I am in Costa Rica for three months, beginning Dec. 27th thru to March 23rd. As I always do, and my husband joins up during that time. He has picked a couple of weeks for bow hunting here in Alberta by choice, so it cuts his vacation time off less in C.R.
Who will be there? I can help show where to go. This sounds like a salesperson talking. What I want to do is to simply show fishers where to go and that 's it.
If I need to go with u guys, fine... but, won't pay for car rentals and places to stay and the fishing charter.
All to do with I have been there and really don't need to go. But I really like helping newbies....
What I would like is for anyone to drop in to the house and say hi. Life out there is that way. It's exceptional because we all never get to do this anymore, because of work, work and more work... No time to clean house, and you know all the other crap (sorry for the word)...............U can email me at loujart@shaw.ca
Our house is next to Los Suenos , and the Marriott in Herradura Bay next to Jaco.

09-11-2005, 09:58 PM
Louise -

Good to have you stir this up again! The talk has been either Cabo or Costa Rica. Have you ever been to Cabo, and if so how would you compare the two?

09-12-2005, 10:18 AM
Never been to Cabo. Quite pricy to stay is what I always hear.
I think this year I will try more inshore fishing for Roosters on the fly . Maybe I can get a big one to put in the record books. The marina at Los Suenos in Herradura Bay has the legal scale and where I would fish would be about ten minutes from there and another spot about 20 min. away.
Will also fish sails once , like we usually do. I think I'm ready to get beat up again by one of those. It poops the daylights out of me and I get finger burner specials everytime. But a person's gotta do what a person's gotta do.

In Calgary right now, we have just had 48 hours of steady rain that blew out the Bow River again. Another river warning has been issued. This is not usual for this time of year. It's dangerously high and some people are ready to evacuate for the third time this year. I live up in the northwest , far from the river. I could never get why people that built in these areas didn't consider building above the 100 year flood mark.
This situation is so trivial when u look at what is going on in New Orleans...