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: My thanks and best wishes to the CND team!

09-11-2005, 07:46 AM
The last 18-24 months have been a unforgettable journey through the fascinating Spey world as I ushered CND's products into the North American Spey scene. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and am proud of it's overnight success.

The promotion of world-class products is more fun than work when the products are this good, and I also got to partake in shows and claves with Kush, Tak, and the grandmaster himself - Mr.Nodera. The Spey Underground.

I was able to realize a long-sought pursuit in the Atlantis series, very exciting indeed when the Atlantis became the largest selling model in 2004. I got to name the 'Solstice' series (greasedliner was taken). The scrapbook is chock full of fond memories; some of the best of my life.

However as a 'one-man show' doing financial, distribution, warehousing, sales, warranty, promotion, window-washing, etc - my ability to keep up with the growth of the brand was soon surpassed and I was unable to do justice to the brand without organizational and financial changes beyond my abilities.

Thus I am moving on to focus solely on my Spey instruction and casting skills going forward. This is about all I can handle given my family priorities (2 kids in college next year).

In any case while attending the Denver Trade Show (as a Flyfishing Forum reporter) over the last few days it became very clear that I need to clarify publicly that I will no longer be directly involved with the CND business so I hope there will be no further confusion on this, especially if seen casting CND rods during classes, claves, shows, etc. Business is business, but my passion for Spey casting and the nuances of these magnificent rods will always remain.

My utmost appreciation to all who have supported me during this time, and my apologies to those whom I might have inconvenienced while between the proverbial "rock and the hard place".

As we turn the page in this great story, I am confident that the very best chapters lie ahead for the CND business. It was my honor to have participated, a very heartfelt thank you to all as I resign myself to focus on the pursuit of my personal best in teaching and casting.

best regards,
Juro Mukai