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: Aruba 9/20-9/27

Glenora Ghillie
09-03-2005, 05:35 PM
Hi everyone, been looking for info about Aruba fly fishing and y'all are handsdown the most informative. We're headin down for our honeymoon the mission is to learn to kiteboard(both of us fly kites on snow), but the 8wt and the proper assortment of stuff are coming too(I'll bring some tarpon rigs, but will probably be undergunned with the rod).

Thank you all who have shared tips and tales. We are staying north of Fisherman's hut at the Sunset Beach Studios in Mamlok, and it seems by the conversations we're not too far from the wreck. Arubaman if you're around lets hook up!!! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Any insight to the current status of the fishing conditions?

Tight lines and screaming drags!!


09-03-2005, 06:08 PM
Welcome to the Forum's exclusive Aruba Bonefish Club! :hihi:

It's by no means a bonefish destination, but there are certainly bones there and encounters are not uncommon at all especially where you are located (malmok).

The tarpon situation at Spanish Lagoon will require some kind of craft and the rental program my wife and I used doesn't allow drifting off from the pack or fishing. You might find another though.

Poke around and let us know how you do! I would agree there are few places on line where you could find this much anecdotal information about a much-overlooked fishery, we're lucky to have a growing membership in the ABC.

09-05-2005, 07:51 PM
Hi Glenora,
That will be fun! Kiteboarding at the fishermans huts is exactly on the spot where most of the bonefishing mentioned on this forum is about. From the trailer (where there are a lot of surf things to do) just walk along the shore up to the wreck. Keep looking in the shalows, I havenīt been there for a while, wish I could be there, but no money for this freshly finished jobless veterinarian.... :eek:
But my mom now knows what to look for and as she and my father are one of the most important figures in the turtle conservation program there they walk along the beaches everyday. She told me she recently saw tailing fish again. Itīs been bad in may-june, but now it seems to get better.
Also good, when you walk from fishermans huts to the wreck you pass another surfrental, they have some poles with flags in the water. Wade out to those poles and maybe stand on the concrete in wich they are fixed. The water is approx. 3 or 4 feet there, you wonīt see tailing but I heard some stuff of schools cruising by. The tailing fish most of the time are in the surge, sometimes just a feet of the dry beach.
One small problem, kite-surfing is only allowed early in the morning and after 1700 in the afternoon. Both also the best hours to fish. I would suggest to go fishing from sunrise till like 9.30 or 10, the sun will be in your back, just like the wind.

Also another suggestion:
As you are into kitesurfing you probably will take the time to go out to Boca Grandi, all the way to the other end of the island. I think if you can cast in Boca Grandi, depending on wave and wind, with a popper or a streamer and some steel wire just to be sure, you can get some nice surprises down at the Boca Grandi (baracuda, bigger jacks/palometa etc.) And while you on that side of the island, pay a visit to Baby Beach (very early, also sunrise) I didnīt have time to fish it yet (always those short vacations) but maybe that is the best spot for Bonefish (the conditions look perfect down there).
Good Luck and keep us informed. Say hi to my folks if you see them on your early trips. And make sure you stay positive about our beautifull island, wich is damaged severly by some Nathalee tales and a collapsed Natural Bridge.
Ciao, Arubaman
ps: check out the tide (on this forum too), rising tide in the morning is the best for malmok

and Juro, I donīt know how lucky we are, Aruba is not realy worth visiting just for fishing, but as it is getting more and more hyped there are now even local fishing-charters who say they offer guiding. Itīs a big rip-off, they take people to the same malmok spot and I have not met any local yet who spots fish, they donīt even know what or how, I even did not met any charter who knows how to fly-fish.... So beware people, itīs a lot of money!
Invest in some polaroids, a cap and maybe read some more on bonefishing, especially the drilling and spotting parts.

pps. my english is probably not the best, is there a spellcheck on the forum?

Glenora Ghillie
09-07-2005, 01:24 PM
Juro and Arubaman,

Thank you so much for the all the info. If I see your parents, I'll give them by best!!!!

I figure we'll probably not kite the whole time, as we are new to the water scene and we''ll take some lessons and probably be a little sore. Plus, my bride enjoys sleeping in the morning. I've printed all your insights and will definately give a report upon by return. Press can make things very tuff and I am sorry that is what has happened to Aruba. Our primary reason for choosing it was the wind factor and the fact that it is below the primary hurricane belt. Fishing is extra, but always important. I am familiar with boca grandi and if we go down there a rod will be ready. I figure go out to one of the pionts on the cove and castback toward the cove to get the best of the wind. Baby beach too have been on the list.

We are staying at sunset studios on the beach, do you know where that is relative to the wreck?

All the best and thanks again!


09-09-2005, 08:33 AM
Hi Glenora,
the sunset beach studios...... What a choice! I guess you wonīt need to ask where the wreck will be, just walk outside of your apartment and you can start fishing. Youīre on the spot! If I remember it well you might have to turn your head 2 degrees to the right if you stand in front of the appartments staring at the sea, but it wonīt be much more. A cab ride to the wreck will take longer and cost you maybe a dime, so close by!
So you can fish every morning, wow! I would suggest to walk between the surf rental on the left and the wreck on the right. If thereīs not much wind, donīt blindcast, just keep searching and walking. They are there!
if you see a lady walking on the beach between 5.30 and 7 am, with a flatcoated retreiver (sometimes even 2 or 3 black dogs) and something with a turtle on it (a shirt, a cap etc), that will be my mom. I am not 100% sure if itīs still nesting/hatching time on that spot, but if I am correct itīs almost time for the caretta caretta (Hawksbill) to start nesting on the coasts of Malmok and Arashi.
Good luck, enjoy the island and have a lot of fun!

09-18-2005, 10:07 PM
Hi Glenora,

If you have read all of the post s her you are well informed. I was in Aruba in May and as Arubaman said it was SLOWWWWWW for bones.

You are staying right where you want to be fishing for which I am envious I was way down at the Wyndham.

Anyway, while in the Kitesurfing area around the flags look for a guy flyfishing his name is Clint and he lives in Aruba a number of months thorughout the year. Actually I think he lives right near where you are staying. If you see him definately talk to him for up to date info on the bones. He spends a fair amount of time chasing them.

Good like and enjoy your trip let us know how it turns out.


Glenora Ghillie
09-30-2005, 10:16 AM
Well all I'm back and it was a really nice trip, no wind...yes no wind for the entire stay, so no kiting.

The first night under the moonlight I saw bones real close to shore. Thought I had it made. The next day, had one hook up and that was it. Went to the chapel of alta vista and fished over there, remember no wind. Had a few big jacks chase my fly, but wouldn't eat. Went to boca grandi, but did not have my fishing stuff. We covered the island by scooter.

Fished spanish lagoon from the bridge and saw only barracudas.

Met a fly dude named Bob from CA(really nice to meet you), who was there for a week and had read all the info. and been down 3 years ago. He saw a bone when he first got there, but missed it. On Tuesday he got a great fish, 10-12lbs. I was there a took photos, he'll probably post the shots next week. But that was it for bone activity.

The highlight of the fishing was having a school of baby tarpoons come through, jumped one on a crab fly(20lbs.). Caught yellowtail, polmenta and giant houndfish too.

Couldn't have picked a better place to stay, and recommend it for those who do not need a resort. Fishing couldn't be any closer.

Thanks everyone, and I'll be focusing on NE fishing for the last few monthes of the season.

I think exclusive should really be elusive :chuckle:

Arubaman, did not see your mom, but did share the flat with a few turtles one morning.

The island and people were really great!!!


10-01-2005, 08:16 AM
10-12lbs!!! a bone???
I know thereīs big ones out there, once was on to a fish of around 80cmīs (that will go toward 30 inch?) But the bottom of the flat has a lot of rocks wihich makes it quite difficult to fight them. I hope to see the pictures, also of the other fish caught, always nice to see some of the fish people catch back home.
Hope you enjoyed the island though there was no wind.... Thatīs nearly ever, so you had a unique stay, the minor of it is you came for kitesurfing. But thatīs what our hurricane season is about, we always have wind, but if thereīs a hurricane nearby the wind drops....
Ciao, Sander

Glenora Ghillie
10-01-2005, 07:59 PM
It was a really nice fish. I think it was Bob's best bone ever. He was using 12lb fluro, the boga was in the villa, but I held the fish and release it. I took no other fish picts., sorry I was wading to the point of swimming to get shots at the tarpon(my casting was cut in about frustrating). Beautiful place and so much learned from folks on this board.

Thanks again!!! :cool: