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: Cape w/e 8/26 - 8/28

08-29-2005, 08:05 AM
Took to the bayside on Friday with Dble Haul and Capt Art Sawyer for our jointly bid and won forum fundraiser day.

It's always great to fish with Mark and Capt. Art is a terrific captain. He really put a lot into a day that he donated for free.

Many, many thanks for your generous support Art!

The fishing was interesting to say the least. The previous day Art had been blown of the water by nasty NE winds. Friday dawned to a mild 5 mph from the West and bluebird skies. The stripers were there but their behavior was more like hardtails that bass. Small pods would erupt on bait for a couple of minutes and then melt away. When you could get a fly to them they were very fussy. We wondered if the high winds from the previous day had broken up the bait schools and disrupted the feeding pattern - who knows? Anyway we boated enough between us to make for a great day finished off in 'grand style' with a beverage in the Lost Dog pub.

Saturday I launched the kayak and headed to N Monomoy to check out some areas that would be "iffy" on foot. I saw enough bass, including some real 'hawgs' to make for an interesting day. I managed to pursade two fish to eat the fly only to lose both due to slow hook sets and/or dull hook points.

On Sunday the breeze from the South had picked up so I wimped out and took Rip Ryder to NM for a repeat of the previous day. Arriving just at high tide I almost stepped on two bass just as I reached the West side - I wonder if F&W ticket stripers for violating the no entry signs? :lildevl:

If you are going to NM immerse yourself in bug-dope, I got eaten alive!. As the tide dropped my search for bass on the flats was interupted by a five acre school of marauding bluefish up to 8+lb that had every bird in the refuge going crazy. This is first time I've actually 'stood' in the middle of a blitz on the flats and I was getting a bit worried about wet wading with bare legs but I was only knee deep. The major school split into a number of smaller groups that took off in different directions causing mayhem as far as the eye could see. During the entire four hour spell I saw only one boat way out stop to take advantage. I had the flats pretty much to myself except for a couple of other kayakers about a mile or so away. About 1/2 hour before low the blues made their final exit and I came across bass sipping down something microscopic at one of the drain-out points.

I managed to pick up a couple around 25 inches to round out a pretty good day for August. :smokin:

Dble Haul
08-29-2005, 08:16 AM
I need to echo Adrian's sentiments about Captain Art....he's an outstanding guy, and we basically covered from Sandwich Creek to Wellfleet over the course of the day. :Eyecrazy:

Adrian is right about the striper behavior. We saw hundreds of bass over the course of the day, and the easier pickings were actually with the fish in fairly shallow water. The pods breaking farther of shore were moving fast, and there was little consistency in what would work for fly presentation. But what a day! It was great to get out there and see so many fish, and to see Art perform his balancing act on the boat's beam. :eek:

As good as Friday was, Saturday was poor. A friend and I paddled Bass River and saw no birds, bait, or fish, even out around the corner to West Dennis Beach. We managed some schoolies at the mouth of Scorton Creek at sunset, which had been barren in the morning. That morning there was no bird activity or pods working east towards Sandy Neck like we had seen on Friday, which was both surprising and disappointing.

I left yesterday morning to beat traffic and do some yard work, only to return home to rain. So much for yard work. :rolleyes:

All in all, a good weekend. Thanks for your support Art, and thanks for your company Adrian!

08-29-2005, 12:13 PM
Great reports guys.When my GPS gets back from repair I'll have to try out the yak fishing on the Flats. FishHawk :smokin:

08-29-2005, 08:44 PM
Mark. Slinger and I were out in search of Bones that appeared a few days earlier in the same spot. RI...Mass shoreline. Ton and tons of 3-4 inch silversides......totally, I mean totally unmolested!!!!! We started at 6am with an 8am low. Not a bass, blue or bone to found ANyWHERE and we covered a lot of water. Very odd situation I've never witnessed. Steve did all in his power to get us into fish and all we found was peanuts... no ancovies. Just acres and acres of silersides.

Thanks Adrian, Mark and most of all, Art for your generous contribution to the Forum and the ensuing report. Sounds like you will be aquiring Art's expertise in the future. It's going gangbusters on the RI beaches and reefs. Fall is near!


08-30-2005, 07:16 AM
Fished South beach Friday. My choices in order were the bayside with the yak, Monomoy, SB. Figured with the forcast north breeze, even as light as it might be, it might be a bit lumpy early on the bayside high outgoing so I opted for Monomoy. But Kieth recommended SB so I hem'd and haw'd and went to SB. Moved southward and saw fish at the usual spots but lots of mung and weed. This soup seems to be accumalating and not flushing out with the tides. Transition from sand flat to mud to marsh underway??? Got down to the seal haulout and caught schoolies, one after another for a few minutes. Moved south and saw several pigs on entering the water after a water and nutri-grain break.
Too close for a shot. Wish I'd been tuned in rather than feedin my face. This was at the end of the outgoing. Hung around but got impatient waiting for the turn. Figured I'd work north and post up where fish had shown on the incoming on past visits When I got there kayakers and boaters were beaching it. So much for that plan, should have stayed south. Spin guy I rode over with killed them out front of this spot towards the channel all day. A lot of fish around. I'd play my cards differently next time.

Bayside was deader than dead on brief high tide sorties Sat and Sunday. Ran into Jazzman Sunday morning and spent more time shooting the breeze than fishing.

08-30-2005, 07:43 AM
Great reports guys... they have me psyched up for the weekend bigtime. :cool:

Sounds like...

bait is as thick as ever,

first wave of hardtails have pushed past Rhody toward Chatham ;)

Big bass are back on the flats,

Blues around in almost threatening numbers,

Bayside has hundreds of picky bass,

And I have three days off and it's a big girl / flats flooding bluebird forecast!!

Oh yeah baby! Rip Ryder here I come.

08-30-2005, 09:31 AM
I was cruising in my boat most of last week between Herring River and Wichemere.
(northwest winds all week make for FAC to 2 miles on Nantucket Sound) Unbelievable ammounts of bait along the shore. Occasional blues hitting it. But the bite was better on the north side of the Cape from what I heard.

Meanwhile-the other Cape is heatin up....Yeeehah. Good thing Katrina is not ocean centered at this point. September will rock.