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08-21-2005, 05:47 PM
Hi All...figured I'd write a report of my experiences the last 3 times I've gone out on the flats (once each time the last 3 weeks) and give people something to read at least. The explanation for the lack of reports from SB on this site, other than BFT, the last few weeks is that I've fished there almost in total isolation....2 weeks ago, I was the only one on Keith's shuttle. Hooked up once with FishHawk and once with Jim S..
In brief.....the catching part of fishing has been hit or miss....more misses than 3 week catch rate has been: zippo, followed by 7 (including 2 keepers, one at 34 1/2 inches and none under 19 inches, and 3 (all schoolies).
The only discernable pattern has been than when you are at the right place at the right time and they are get fish......when not....nada. On the 2 days I caught fish all were in a short time frame (45 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs), the rest of the day I shot blanks. The day I got skunked I saw almost 200 fish and got 2 follows......the good day, I fished the low at the edge of the channel and they hammered the fly and there were 100's of 1,000's on micro bunker on the flats, all swimming relaxed later and not a fish to be sighted....the last time with Jim, we got fish on the outgoing and then got major munged in and saw very few fish and next to no bait, on the incoming all afternoon.
All 3 weeks I used the only fly that either got a follow or a fish (Bender's olive shrimp fly)....however, Jim got fish on a small peanut fly and FishHawk reported that a guy was hitting them on a small gray over white clouser....thus I repeat myself....when they are feeding actively and you are on get them.
So....if they hit on the flats, they don't on the drop off...if they hit on the drop off at low, they don't hit on the day they hit on incoming but not on the drop....then hit on the drop, but not the have figured it out....the fish at this time, despite their pea sized brain are totally in charge.....stay the of the tide stages usually works, but you won't know till it happens :smokin: Either way, being there beats repairing the door the tool shed! :)

08-22-2005, 04:29 AM
What I noticed on the Flats is that these fish that are difficult to catch were the PHD fish. Saw a dark ball of bait near a drop off and a clear circle in the middle of the bait with a large striper in the middle. Then the fish would slam into the bait ball sucking down a bunch of bait. This in only six inches of water. Quite a lesson.
You have to be on top of your game and stay focused. Every day is different on the Flats. Once you think you have the answer there is always something to figure out. That's why I keep coming back, it's the challenge. Oh by the way don't follow Ron, that's another story. :hihi: